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Reviewed by Orchid, The Long and Short Of It Reviews (Five Star Plus Best Book Review) 

"This book is wonderful! There are few books that hold my interest to the point where I can't bear to put it down, but Children of the Mist is most certainly at the top of this list. The attraction between Tamarith and Vidarh is beautifully written. The involvement of telepathy would appear to make it easier for them to share their feelings, but this isn't the case. If anything telepathy makes it harder as they hide their minds from one another. This puts their lives in danger more than once...

...Well done Hywela Lyn. I haven't read the first book in this series, but you can be sure I'm going to buy it as soon as I can. This is the type of book I love to read."

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Hywela Lyn creates a very vivid and wonderful world in Children of the Mist. Her characters have depth beyond any I have seen in a science fiction novel. She has the ability to give them souls in the literary sense, which is a rare talent. The extensive descriptions of the world she has created forms in the mind almost like the memory of a place once visited.
I enjoyed this story and felt as if it carried me along from beginning to end. There was no effort in trying to understand the plot and I found it to be a bit of a mystery as well. It was a journey well worth taking and I highly recommend this book as one of the best I have ever read.
I look forward to reading more books by this author.

Stars 5 Stars *****
Author/Reviewer Marilyn Thompson
Mind Fog Reviews


 What Reviewers are saying about STARQUEST

"The lovely, lovely descriptions never slow the action, but   manage still to convey emotion and carry the narration forward. This is an incredibly original tale, and  for all the science fiction trappings  is truly a classic quest for love, and the romance, which at first seems very much at the periphery, will become not only a primary motivation, but the chief joy of the tale. Adventure may be the main motif, but the heartwarming side will be a surprising bonus."'Snapdragon'
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"Starquest by Hywela Lyn is a sweet and wonderful book...
...This is a wonderfully written book that will keep you on your toes and end with a big smile on your face. An adventure like no other, this is a book that you don't want to miss big time.
Reviewed by Amylove
WRDF Reviews
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"...I quickly became engrossed in Jess's adventures and finished the book in one sitting."
Jean, Fallen Angel Reviews
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 "I must say that Starquest takes the reader onto an awesome galactic journey. The characters are strong and convincing. Jess is a courageous woman who brings so much life to the story. I love her bravery and determination. One will not find a dull moment with this story; it is loaded with action from beginning to end. With secrets, passion and an incredible amount of trust, Jess, Kerry and Dahll learn quickly the true value where the heart lies. Hywela Lyn weaves a romance that is truly out of this world, as the reader grasps hold and hangs on tightly for the exciting ride of their life. Be captivated by what the wonders of space have to offer in an amazingly wonderful story."
Cherokee, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance  Read Full Review HERE

"This wonderful tale takes place in a troubled time.
A time in which the Union's stranglehold on Earth is strong and the enemy, the Grakk's have spies lurking in every corner. Hywela Lyn's story is written beautifully, her dialogue on point, and her descriptions magical. I really enjoyed reading Jestine's story. Her character was outspoken, strong, and selfless. Will Jestine complete her mission, what obstacles will she run into, and will her heart be stolen?
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Love, Love, Love it!
By Cat Kaulback
Dancing With Fate is sooo about love. A fantastic ending to boot! The story took me far from my daily routine, my familiar sights and sounds, and my expectations. Wow! Where do I start - at the beginning - middle - or end; they are all my favorite places. As is stated about the content: it is "out of this world" in a realm inhabited by Mythological characters that seem to sit beside me. The main figure is likable and lovable, as is her beau. Throughout, while being challenged off and on, I was hoping they could stay together. I can't give away too much here, so I'm off to purchase the other books by Hywela Lyn - a very lovely and talented author, indeed! Worlds of thanks to you, Hywela...from Cat Kaulback, Kinsman, OH (visit dreamhorseguesthouse.com)