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20 June 2013

Thursday's Bits and Pieces

I've not been very regular with this series, but I will try to do better in future!

I've always loved steam. I'm not sure what the attraction is - perhaps they're a bit like Shire Horses - huge but with a gentle aspect! Years ago I went to a steam rally and bought a book which was classified as 'alternative history'.
Sadly over the years it has been mislaid, and I can't even now remember the title or author - although I'm sure I'd remember it if I ever saw it again.  It was actually an anthology of six stories set in an alternative future, where electricity had been invented but was illegal, Queen Elizabeth 1st had been assasinated and everything ran on steam. Presumably this sort of story was the forerunner of the very popular 'Steampunk' which I've promised to try and write myself, if I ever get my current WIP finished!

Anyway, I still love going to steam rallies, and since there was one held in the next
village to where I live, I thought I'd share a few pictures with you.

There were steam engines of every size.
Big Ones

and small ones

The kids love them
The highlight of the show was when the giant beauties all paraded in the main ring

Then afterwards there was a demonstration by the local German Shepherd dog agility group, which was both entertaining and awe inspiring.  (The excitement was too much for my Jack Russell, Bouncer, who lay down and went to sleep at this point)

I'll leave you with a few more photos of the steam engines, now no longer workbeasts, but lovingly restored by their proud owners and delighting a new generation who hopefully will realise the romance and power of steam.

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