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28 November 2012

Why Do We Love Historical Romances? by Deanna Jewel

Why Do We Love Historical Romances?

By Deanna Jewel
Romance Author

     This genre pulled me in as a teenager and I’ve never quit reading them. My favorites are those set in England before the 1800s that show me the life of aristocrats at those wonderful balls where ladies of the ton are escorted by handsome, titled men. I know I’m not the only reader taken in by the intrigue at court with the kings and queens, as well as the love of castles, ships, pirates and royalty.

     This leads me to the reason I wrote No Turning Back! As an author, I wanted to take my reader inside those castle walls or aboard that ship fighting the pirates. All of that is created in the book and readers will be taken back to 1778 to meet my characters and their enemies! The theme in my books seems to be finding love a second time when many go into depression assuming they’ll never fall in love with another person after losing their soul mate. I hope my books change that thought for many readers and that they also fall in love with my characters. Below is a blurb from my historical set in England in 1778…the book is also on sale now for .99!
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Blurb from No Turning Back:

     While avenging the death of his fiancé years earlier, Nathan learns that he can love again but is he willing to chance another broken heart? Will the woman he wants also learn to love again?

     Vanessa is heartbroken over recent events in her life; she’s also headstrong, flaunts London aristocracy and takes on breeding horses, something unheard of in the society circles of London. She finds herself trying to put the pieces of her life back together, but can she do it alone? With a child on the way, she is forced to do just that - their future depends on her strength. Then a friend offers to help. Dare she trust a man sworn to carry out a vow taken on a death bed? She refuses to accept that his love is true when his honor of sticking to his word is also at stake.

Lyn:  Now let’s meet the author and get to know her book. Deanna, welcome to my blog and thank you for being here with us today.

      In No Turning Back, readers will feel an emotional pull toward Nathan because you have drawn such a good character, strong and full of emotion. I know as an author there are techniques on how to draw a character that we can feel, and not a cardboard character. Would you mind telling us what you did?

Deanna:  Thank you for having me here today, Lyn. Creating Nathan was a pure pleasure. I gave him attributes that I like in men and he respects women like he would respect his mother.

 I wanted a man who had felt love before; one who would know what and who he was looking for when he found her. Nathan already knew the qualities he wanted in his woman that would make his heart skip each time he glanced at her or held her in his arms. He wanted a woman to spend the rest of his life with, to watch his children grow up with, and to fall deeper in love with as each day passed. Ok, that’s plenty……he just gets me carried away!

Lyn:  Let’s discuss Vanessa, the heroine. Did she speak to you, or was she difficult to reach. Did you ever reach to that stage where a character refuses to talk to you?

Deanna:  Vanessa was not as easy to write as Nathan was. I did have a hard time figuring out just who Vanessa was. I knew who I wanted her to be, but it’s a bit more involved than that. *smile* 

      I wanted to create a woman who knew what she wanted in life and wasn’t afraid to go after it, to take chances, not caring what others might have to say about her. Vanessa is a risk taker and determination is what drives her. She wasn’t prepared for falling in love with Nathan at all. She already had feelings for her childhood sweetheart.

     When I wrote her into Whispers at Ghost Point, she made sure I knew right away what she wanted! That book was so much fun! So was the book trailer but I love creating those. They can all be watched on my website.

Lyn:  When I love a character and feel him/her, I really feel that the author loved that character and poured all her efforts in to make the character that he/she is. Is that true and was Nathan it? I have a feeling Nathan is coming back but don’t know how lol.

Deanna:  I wrote No Turning Back many years ago but didn’t really have a picture in my mind of how he looked until I found the photo of a young man who just jumped off my computer screen at me. I knew immediately he was Nathan and his photo is on the cover and my website. I was a bit surprised to find out he actually lives in London so to find a character that fit the bill AND lives where my story takes place just blew me away. Once I’d found the picture of Nathan, adding to his character was so easy to do. I won’t say anymore, it’ll spoil it for the readers. I’m still waiting for him to answer my email though…I know he’s read the email I sent him, he just hasn’t decided to reply yet…but one day he will.

Lyn:  It was wonderful to read about the London’s aristocratic society, and I enjoyed how detailed you were in describing the life. What research did you do and what was the best information that you found and said “This piece of info is perfect for my story?

Deanna:  I did so much research for this book because I wanted the city just right. I’m sure there are still items that might not be exactly correct but I tried my darnedest to get it right. I’m not a horse person but was lucky enough to meet a woman online who IS a horsewoman and she helped me immensely in getting that part of the book correct. I gave her credit for that in my dedication.

Lyn:  Tell us about the inside information of your next novel, Whispers at Ghost Point. We like to hear sexy stuff !

Deanna:  Well, I can’t write a romance without those warm sensuous sex scenes now can I! I’m bringing back Nathan and Vanessa in my next novel, but 100 or so years into the future from where they were and an ocean away! In No Turning Back, I never stated that he shipped items to the colonies because I just assumed the reader would know that it could happen. In my upcoming novel, Whispers at Ghost Point, the readers will recognize the characters and it isn’t necessary to read NTB to enjoy Whispers. I’ll let them figure out who the ghost in the lighthouse is!
 I won’t spoil things any further than that, just know it will be worth reading to find out how things work out. Can a ghost from Dana’s past ruin her future?
I also have to start work on the sequel to my Native American time travel, Never Surrender. Readers write me to find out when that might happen. I’ll be starting the sequel as soon as Whispers is out. I haven’t even begun to figure out a plot for that one! Just know that it will happen.

Lyn:  Thank you, Deanna, for being here with us; we’re wishing you the best of success. Hope to see more of your news. Until then, take care all and I hope you enjoyed this interview with author Deanna Jewel.

Deanna:  Lyn, thanks so much for allowing me this time with your readers. I do appreciate it. I hope they hop over to my website and surf around. There is a lot to do and several other links to visit. They can also sign up for my newsletter! I pick one winner a month from my newsletter subscribers and one from my blog followers.
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