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10 November 2012

I've been Zig-Zag Tagged!

Thank you for tagging me, Marie Laval! 

I'm a bit late I know, but here goes.
As part of this tag, I'm supposed to take my most recent work in progress or my current manuscript and search for the word, "look," then post the surrounding paragraphs/text.

So here it is, an excerpt from the beginning of my current work in progress,'Beloved Enemy', which is hopefully going to be the third in the series that started with 'Starquest'.


She waited a few more minutes, and let off another shot. No response. Their assailants were either dead or had left under cover of the smoke. Perhaps they believed they’d killed the three people they’d been firing on, although nagging caution warned her it seemed strange they’d not come back to check. She pushed the thought to one side, and holding her gun in both hands, ready to fire, every nerve alert, made her way over to where the man in black had fallen.

He lay on his back, a splash of red on his shoulder and upper chest. Shards of rock lay everywhere and the large boulder he’d been sheltering behind had split down the middle almost in two pieces. It must have absorbed most of the blast and  he’d missed the main force. It looked like the wound was caused by the shattering rock, or the damage would have been a whole lot worse, and she probably wouldn’t have been able to do anything for him.  

She drew in her breath. Kerry Marchant. She’d only seen holograms of the man, and she could not recall seeing the faint scar that ran beneath his left eye, but it had to be him. He’d changed little in five years since she’d seen them, and those features were unforgettable. She allowed herself the hint of a smile. She’d always hoped one day she’d run into him, and now fate played right into her hands.

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