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8 November 2012

Burned Into Time - The Latest Release from Mary Ricksen

I'm thrilled to be able to announce that Mary Ricksen's latest time travel romance BURNED INTO TIME is now available to pre-order.  If you enjoyed Mary's first book 'Tripping Through Time', you'll love this second book, and although it's a 'stand alone' story, and it's not necessary to have read the first in order to enjoy the second, I can thoroughly recommend 'Tripping Through Time' as well - but let's find out some more about 'Burned Into Time' - and don't forget to read about Mary herself at the end, too.


A horrific car accident, a Celtic ring and destiny, send a young woman on a journey to the past. In a desperate search for her lost sister, she follows the instructions left her in a bank vault from a hundred years ago.

Little did she know the ring would save her life and change it in ways she could never imagine. Does she have the strength to live through her nightmare and find her destiny?


So cold--oh so cold, and pain, horrible pain… Her head and face burned while her feet and hands froze.  How odd, her body seemed, so tired, so weak. This dream couldn’t be real. A trip, the lodge… the car, she’d been in the car. It really happened!

Opening her eyes became sheer torture. They’d swollen and made it almost impossible to see. After a bit, her vision cleared enough to distinguish things around her. Snow fell gently. It touched her lashes and turned them white and frosty. I can’t feel a thing.

Lying on the ground wasn’t good for a person. What am I doing here?

Then it hit her. Blythe! Her brain screamed what her voice could not. An accident, their car went over a cliff. Blythe had died and there’d be no bringing her back.

Lacy’s slim grasp of reality left her confused. Blythe could not be dead.

Her face, something wasn’t right with her face. Bare hands touched her head, and she screamed. Part of her hair was gone. She looked at her hand and saw blood mixed with long strands of half-burned auburn curls.

King! Her heart pounded as she reached out for him. Her right arm burned painfully; she cringed when she saw it. Lacy used her unburned arm to feel for King.

He kissed her with a wet, warm tongue. She looked at him and recoiled at the singed fur and burns on one side of his once glistening coat. He whimpered, but stood and licked her face.

“Go for help, King. Go get help.”

Her faithful dog pleaded with his eyes and whined in anguish as she told him to leave.

“Go King, I’ll be okay, go boy. Good dog. Go. Get help…” Her eyes fluttered and she heard him whimper. She had to make sure he understood before she passed out.

With one last whine and hesitation, King turned to her. With the last of her strength, she waved him to leave and he limped off. She watched him go, looking to save her, looking for help, looking…

Darkness settled upon her pain laced mind.


Mary M. Ricksen was born in Vermont. She has lived in many places and is now a resident of Florida. She has been married forever and lives with her husband, two German Shepherds, and the boss, one Calico kitty. Always hoping to leave a legacy behind, Mary began writing and had her first book published in 2009. Having a great love of the mountains and, Lake Champlain, in Vermont, Burned Into Time, takes place in the wilds of the Green Mountains. Mary is a member of the Florida Romance Writers, the RWA and is a former secretary to her local chapter. 

"I always wanted to do something in my life that I could be proud of. I painted, I played the guitar, the violin, and even tried piano. Time spent making stained glass pieces, left me with cuts on my hands. Singing in a band, riding horses, I tried it all in the endeavor to be a success. Then I reached inside and found words. I started to write the kind of story that to me, meant happily ever after. I learned that I didn't know a thing about writing romance. The authors I met encouraged me, but there was a lot to learn and in fact there still is.

I got my first book published and I can lay claim to that! Now, I have written a new one and it's called Burned Into Time. Do I feel validated, well in a way. But, to really feel that way, I will wait to see what readers think. Have I been successful, time will tell. But, I do know this. It was a hard road and it gave me the confidence to know, that giving up, is never an option. Because, I am as successful as I let myself be."

"An emotional time-travel with passion. Loved it!"  Best Selling Harlequin-Silhouette--Author Linda Conrad
"Burned into Time is an engaging read with exciting twists and turns." --Best Selling Author Sophia Knightly
"Join this brave heroine as she tumbles off a precipice--into terror, into uncertainty, into another time—and ultimately, into love. An adventure you don’t want to miss!" --Best Selling Author Karen Kendall
“'From the heart-stopping drama of the opening chapters to the warm and completely satisfying conclusion, Ms Ricksen has penned a wonderful time travel adventure with sizzling romance and characters whom you will not want to leave.” --Best Selling Author Hywela Lyn

available on Amazon, B&N and other sources.


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