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2 July 2012

Deadly 777

I was tagged by the lovely and talented Sky Purington, along with six other authors. I'm a bit behind answering the call but here goes:  My challenge is to go to page 7 of my current work in progress and post seven lines. When I'm done posting, I need to tag seven other authors. to do the same and tag 7 more. Too much fun!

I'm working on the third story that will wrap up my 'Starquest' trilogy, so I decided to snag seven sentences from that. Here's mine:

In the warm air, the blood had dried quickly, the material sticking to the wound, a silver chain hung around his neck with a small metal capsule. She hesitated for a moment, before curiosity got the better of her, and she unscrewed the capsule; a soft, cushioning material lined the interior. 

She withdrew a tiny gold cross and a locket. A quick glance at the inside of the locket revealed the portrait of a young woman with short, dark hair framing her face in soft waves, blue eyes and a long, aquiline nose. The family resemblance was too close for it to be a wife or girlfriend, so perhaps it was a sister, or mother...swiftly, she replaced the two items. 

As she bent over him, her long hair swung forward, and she shook it back from her face with an impatient gesture, took her knife from her belt and inserted the point into the material of his tunic.

At once, a hand reached up and grabbed her wrist, with fingers like steel.

My seven authors to tag…

Mary Rickson
P L Parker
Sarah Tranter
Miss Mae
Sandra Cox
Paula Martin
Melissa Douthitt