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5 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations

It's almost impossible for me to believe it's over three weeks since I left for the USA.  I still haven't blogged  here about the wonderful time  I had over there with Mary Ricksen and Sharon Donovan's lovely family. I hope to do so in a couple of days, but tomorrow I have a guest author tomorrow and over the last few days, like most UK residents I've been watching the events to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee celebrations on television.  What fantastic events.
Probably the highlights for me,  were the amazing water pageant on Sunday, despite the rain, and today the horse drawn parade, although the concert yesterday and the fireworks and laser displays over the palace were fantastic too. 
Locally, in  our small village, we had a 'party on  the green' on Sunday afternoon, an exhibition of paintings by local artists, and flower arrangements, in the pretty little local 15th century  church, and then last night we walked to a nearby vantage point to watch the lighting of one of the thousands of beacons being lit all over the country.
After a wonderfully warm week the week before, the weather in typically British perverse style was much cooler , with heavy showers over the four day celebration, but it wasn't enough to dampen our spirits  and I think we've proved once again that we Brits can still put on quite a party!

Here are some highlights of the water pageant.