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20 March 2012

Immortal Becoming - An Interview with Shane and Jess Einar by author Wendy S. Hales

I'm thrilled to welcome Author Wendy S Hales to my Blog today, as part of her virtual book tour.
She's brought the two main characters from her book and is going to interview them for us.

Good morning Wendy, and good morning Shane and Jess.
WSH: I’m speaking with Shane and Jess as they cuddle on the couch having a thumb war. I’m here to do a job and interview them, yet it’s difficult not to simply lean back and bask in the glow of their love. Between the time we greeted each other, they sat down and I got my notebook out, the newly bloodmated couple seem to have completely forgotten I’m in the room. Even in this simple game Jess fights dirty … and Shane loves it. If he captures her thumb she tickles him or … purrs at him. (Well maybe that’s her way of growling.) Not that keeps him from winning, if anything he plays harder, driven to force her antics so he can revel in them.
I clear my throat to regain their attention.

Jess: Oh sorry. What was the question? (She blushes slightly, and elbows Shane in the ribs)

WSH: You two are amazingly happy together, yet you’re both so busy in your own lives. How do you find time to keep the flames alive?

Shane: “That’s the wonderful thing about bloodmates. We are always together, even when apart.”
Jess: (rolls her eyes and gives Shane a ‘duh’ look): I don’t think that is exactly what she asked. (She smirks at me) I bought a book called The Art of the Quickie
Shane: (barks out a laugh) She did indeed. Thank the Fates it is not a textbook … we would fail that grading curve.
Jess: Seriously, we are both extremely busy. We just make the most of the time we’re together. We port to each other at breaks and meals. I don’t think we’re much different then any other duel career couple; we make it work because we love each other.

WSH: Shane, when you met Jess you were horrified by her psychic vulnerability. Why?

Shane: (Furls his brows) I still have nightmares about that. Meeting her was sheer dumb-ass luck. It could have been a rogue … or a Morsdente killer. Her Aunt Moira may have kept her hidden by a paper trail, but if any Volaticus had gotten near her, there would have been no denying her species. Jess had highly developed psychic abilities even before her Becoming.
Jess: (pats his forearm consolingly) We’ve talked about this. We agreed that our meeting and my early protection had to be designed by the Fates. Don’t get all riled up on the past. You know it makes me crazy.

WSH: Shane, we get a view of the Volaticus rogues and a small idea of the Morsdente. What distinguished them from each other?

Shane: Rogues live in a manner that violates the code of the Universe. They are found in every species including humanity. Murderers, subjugators, thieves … a rogue has no honor, places value only on their desires, refuses to see that we are all connected. Morsdente are killers specific to the Volaticus race, predators of any life form that has psychic enlightenment. They are addicted to the psychic high they get by killing at the vein. The Tellus and Aquatie have similar problem individuals within their communities that the SOSC is becoming more aware of as time goes on.

WSH: Jess, in the story you square your shoulders and put on a brave face for Shane when you learned that you are a Hulven and that it meant an Elven/human hybrid race of the Volaticus species. Inside, what were you really feeling?

Jess: That is so hard to describe … I guess the easiest comparative would be—imagine a table set for a formal dinner. Wine glasses, water goblets, plates stacked to accommodate seven courses all on a delicate linen tablecloth. (She indicates Shane with her palm up) Now enter the magician. He yanks the tablecloth off with flourish. Everything inside me clenched for the crash, anticipated the destruction while the dishes spun out of control on the glossy exposed finish. For an instant you think ‘nothing will ever be right again’, … yet inexplicably the dishes settle, undamaged, the placement though slightly different is appreciated more. The whole experience fills you with a sense of awe and gratitude.

WSH: Jess, now that Aymee and Eric know about the other species how are they dealing with the information?

Jess: (chuckles) surprisingly well actually. I think Aymee might have suspected there was more to this world than meets the eye. She’s dabbled in all sorts of crazy things when we were growing up. When I was seventeen she dragged me into a cemetery for a séance. Eric scared the shit out of us by jumping from behind a headstone. Eric had a harder time with it at first. The Mesa PD partnered him with Jerika. That helped him a lot. Jerika is just like any other girl he’s ever known … except she can fly … and she has dentes to drink blood with.
I think the funniest thing is every time Eric and Aymee meet someone new they whisper in my ear. ‘What species are they’? Half the time I have to ask Shane unless they are in ‘true form’. I’m learning the same as Aymee and Eric.
Shane: (laughs sarcastically) Aymee and Eric seem to enjoy the new dating pool hovering around them both.

WSH: Last question. How do you feel about the impending human enlightenment?

Jess: I can’t wait. I hope it happens soon. I hate the idea of the people in my life aging and dying.
Shane: Enlightening is humanities destiny. The enlightening of every species is a difficult time for the entire planet. I only hope when the time comes they will accept the assistance of the Symbiosis of Species Council (SOSC) and allow us to aid them rather than making the same mistakes we did. If they refuse the casualty rate will be catastrophic for all of us … especially humanity.

WSH: Is there anything either of you would like to add?

Shane: (Stands and throws Jess over his shoulder fireman style) Nope. Got other plans for the rest of the day.

Jess: (Squeals in laughter, and meets my gaze) Thanks for writing our story. You’re the best.

Thank you so much Shane, Jess and Wendy.  That was a really fascinating interview and I've loved getting to know more about your and your amazing story.

Author note:
Shane Einar is a five hundred year old Volaticus Elven warrior, sworn to duty and honor. His species has inhabited the earth since the beginning of time. The sources of vampire, elf and fairy myths, Volaticus are in reality something altogether different. He never expected to meet Jess Reed. A female living amongst humanity completely unaware that she is Hulven, a human/Elven hybrid race of Volaticus, or that she is on the cusp of Becoming into her Elven traits. Shane should turn Jess over to the Symbiosis of Species Council, SOSC. His attraction to her along with her ability to enrapture him with a smile bars him from it. He rightly suspects that this female is his bloodmate.

Jess had always been psychic, a painful and confusing fact of her life. With Shane’s loving support she learns to control her abilities and discovers the psychically enlightened species that share this world.


During my hectic life of working and raising children the call of a story in my mind was not always welcome. The niggling character or plot that refused to leave my thoughts until I would sit down a write something … a synopsis, character profile, anything to relieve the creative pressure. With my children grown, and my husbands loving support I dove head first into the depths of my passion and lifelong dream … writing. It was like a floodgate opened in my soul.

I look out at the Rocky Mountain from my window in Utah. I have been blessed with an amazing family and wonderful friends. My husband and I own a small local coffee shop. I enjoy boating golfing, reading and spending time with my family.

Title – Immortal Becoming
Genre – Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Format – Ebook
Paperback Release – March 1, 2012
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Website – www.wendyshales.com

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