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3 March 2012



I am such a procrastinator!

I joined up for this challenge a while ago - and then got so immersed in other things that I almost forgot it. I should have posted for it on 29th February, but was busy all day, so I thought I'd post on the first, St David's Day - a very special day for me, being Welsh - but apart from a tweet and Facebook greeting I didn't even do a special post for it - because I had fully dully intended to do one combined with my AYWN post but I was out all day so it didn't get done, because I had to finish doing my share of Friday's post for The Author Roast and Toast blog. which I run with three friends.  Friday of course I had to pop in and out all day to comment (it's a very 'interactive' blog, and also had a load of emails to write, and some work to do on the website for the small 'hobby' saddlery business my husband and I run - which brings me to today - and at last I'm getting round to writing this post!

All of the above has meant that I haven't progressed nearly as far with my futuristic WIP as I intended.  You may know that I am trying to revise the third book in what has become the Starquest Trilogy', tentatively entitled 'Beloved enemy.' I purchased two pictures representing my characters to inspire me, and made a rough cover.  This is a 'NaNo' novel so is very rough and will need at lest two more revisions until I'm happy enough with it to submit it to my publisher. So my goals for this month are:

1.  To complete at least one revision of a chapter a week. (preferably more.)

2.  To write three more 'I'm digging' questions for Coffee Time Reviews' where I'm guest author this month.  That means answering any comments I get as well, of course.

3.  To finish reading and reviewing 'Stone Relics' by Thursday 8th March when it's to be featured here on my blog.

4.  To finish reading and critting my crit partner's MS

5.  To post reviews on 'Goodreads', 'Amazon' etc of e-books I've read lately.

6.  To write my monthly post for 'Authors Electric' due on 29th.

7.  To learn more about tweeting and start tweeting on a regular basis

8.   To remember to pop in and encourage my fellow AYWNs

9.   To be more organised.

10.  TO STOP PROCRASTINATING! (This was one fo my New Year Resolutions, broken already!)

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