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27 March 2012

Valkyrie' Vengeance - Book feature and Giveaway

I'm delighted to be one of the hosts taking part in CBLS Promotions 'Book Barage tour for Suzie Grants thrilling novel 'Valkerie's Vengeance.'  
Who doesn't like a Viking?  

She's also offering an e-copy of her book, so please leave a comment to be in with a chance to win.
Here's the blurb and an excerpt to whet your appetite

Stranded on foreign soil. Rescued and raised by the enemy. Tyra Svensdottir declares war on her own people after witnessing the death of the very woman who’d saved her life. Kidnapping the man who wields the sword of the underworld — Hel’s Hammer — Tyra forces him to repair her shipwrecked vessel. Her quest to kill the swordsman’s king takes them across frigid waters on a myriad of adventures and a voyage of sensual discovery.

Rorik Thorlicksson uncovers treachery within his clan but in order to return home to warn of the impending attack, he must yield to the woman holding him captive. Along their voyage he unravels the mystery behind his captor. He discovers she is the woman promised to him in wedlock at birth though her disappearance years ago released him from his betrothal. Dissuading the little heathen from her purpose and into his bed becomes a more appealing prospect with every passing day.

Blood vengeance brings them together even as desire binds their hearts. Amongst the secrets and obscurities of their destinies, they find a love that spans a lifetime as well as an end to A Valkyrie’s Vengeance.



Three sets of eyes turned in her direction.

Tyra sprinted forward, wielding her dagger. The second man removed his sword by kicking Enid’s body to the ground. A raging bellow spilled from her mouth that would shock even the fiercest Valkyrie.

The huge, brooding bulk of a Viking swaggered toward her. Determination and a blood rage she’d never felt before pulsed through her veins. Tyra tucked into a roll and sprang to her feet before him, her dagger piercing his side just below his looted armor and above his hip. A felling blow. He staggered.

Tyra regained her footing and whirled. The warrior’s indigo gaze widened and then focused on the dagger embedded in his side. She seized her weapon and removed it. Blood gushed from the wound. He grunted and swung a meaty arm at her. She ducked, circling her opponent.

Sweat beaded across her brow. “Come now, to be bested so easily by a mere maid,” she taunted.

He hefted his sword and wobbled on weakened knees. He swung the weapon and she scampered to the left. His movements slowed. The blade swished by her mid-section, missing her by mere inches. He stumbled from the loss of blood. Leaping onto his back, she forced him to his knees with her weight in his weakened conditioned.

Tyra grasped his hair. With a final slice across his neck from ear to ear, the Viking gurgled his last breath. She held him before her for several seconds as her heart slowed. Her eyes fastened onto the red Viking and narrowed.

She wiped blood from her brow and pointed her dagger at the giant to let him know, he was next.

The red haired giant they had called Sven stepped forward hefting his mighty battle axe. But another blocked his way. A dark Viking. By far the most handsome man she’d ever seen.

“Nay, it is my fight,” Sven said. “I killed the old woman.”

“You are our King. I will go. Besides, your old age would never allow you to keep pace with such young passion.”

“Do not kill her, Rorik!”

“Keep the men back and I will show you how to properly subdue a woman.” The dark one named Rorik strode forward with slow, calculated steps. He was in no hurry to slay her she imagined. Good, let him believe she would be an easy kill.

A mysterious grin flickered on his face. “Nay, I could never fell something so beautiful,” Rorik said as he reached her. Sea-foam colored eyes studied her. “Will you fight us all, my little Valkyrie?”

Tyra braced her stance, her sword lifted in a defensive position. Her mouth as dry as parched wheat she swallowed. “Aye, in order to kill the red giant, I will.”

“One by one?”

“Until my death or his. It matters not which.”

He laughed and gave mock applause, pulling free a gleaming, black-iron sword from its sheath. The ruby red eyes from the black wolf’s head sparkled under the light and glowed with life. Another swift, fierce smile swept across his features and then vanished without a trace, sending a shiver of awareness through her. He did not sport a heavy, wiry beard; instead a thin line of hair edged his jaw and mouth.

He was devastatingly handsome. As tall, if not taller, than the other Vikings and so broad of shoulder he near blocked out the sun. 

Straining with virility he crowded the area and seemed to fill her entire vision. Awareness of his every move cascaded over Tyra and sent a tiny tremor through her. He wore no tunic just a fur vest over fitted trousers. His only ornamentation was a single gold arm band. Her gaze traveled the length of his form as all that male flesh and muscle rippled before her eyes. This man needed no embellishments.

Heat crept into her cheeks as he caught her gaze. This time his smile lingered.

“She meant so much to you? The old woman?” He nodded toward the gathering group of Vikings and Enid’s limp body.
Tyra reached for the dead man’s sword and clasped the hilt in firm hands. She moistened her lips and fought to keep her voice steady.

 “Does it matter?”

“Aye. I am curious why a Viking maid would risk her life for a Saxon woman.”

Tyra lifted her chin in challenge. “She was the only mother I have ever known.”

He hesitated. “I am sorry,” he said and seemed to really mean it.
She lifted her chin. “No apology will bring her back, Viking.”

“Revenge will not either.”

“Nay but it will bring me satisfaction knowing the men who killed her are now gone from this earth.”

They circled each other like wary animals waiting on the other to strike. “Then so be it.” He opened his fingers on the sword handle one by one, and then closed them once more. Here stood a true warrior.

He studied her and waited for her to make the first move. Tyra attempted to slow her breathing and adjusted the weight of the unfamiliar weapon in her hands. 

“You are tiring,” he pointed out.

“Find out for yourself, Viking, how tired I am.”





Suzie still believes in happily-ever-after and after growing up reading classic adventure literature like Treasure Isle, Robinson Crusoe, and The Swiss Family Robinson tales, as well as epic novels like Gone with the wind, Suzie would dream up adventures of her own.With her love of history she brings the action of thrillers to historical romance with steamy, love scenes and a pace that will leave you breathless!
She lives happily ever after with her new beau, three boys and one little Shih tzu named Peppy Le’Pew in NC. One day she plans to retire and sail along the east coast an adventurer to the end.

Blog link: www.adventureunleashed.blogspot.com

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