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8 February 2012

I'm Hearing Voices Pt II - Dialogue


It's day two of the "I'm Hearing Voices Blogfest" and this time we have to introduce two characters using nothing but dialogue. 

I've set up an imaginary conversation between the heroine from my futuristic romance novel, 'Starquest', and Narjohol, the antogonist.

JESS: I have to confess to being a little nervous, considering what Narjohol put me through when I was his prisoner, but I've been asked to introduce him to this Council. I’m grateful for the force shield between us. He is one of the most evil beings  I've come across in all my travels through hyperspace.

NARJOHOL:  My dear, you are not usually so judgemental. Your words hurt me. I merely pursue my legal vocation. You on the other hand, preach peace and love and yet you led a band of mercenaries to destroy another living being, the unfortunate mutant, Ayandos. Hardly the act of a Missionary of the Sisterhood of the Universal Spirit.
JESS: On the contrary, the people of  Phidia begged me to fetch help to free them fromAyandos when he invaded their  world and enslaved the population to mine the planet’s minerals and precious stones.  Ayandos was much like yourself really.  I would hardly call rounding up innocent citizens on remote planets, and selling them as slaves a 'legal vocation'. Slavery is a crime on most of the civilised planets. 

AYANDOS: Not in the sector of space where I come from. Slavery is considered a very respectable occupation there. You may be feisty, for a human female, but you are very naïve too. My spies tell me you were foolishly willing to sacrifice yourself for the love of one of the men on board the Destiny, when you brought the crew to Phidia. 

JESS: Love is something a cold blooded monster like you could never understand, Narjohol. I would do it again – and I intend to search the galaxy until I find the Destiny, and he and I are reunited. I hope that one day you will be made to pay for your crimes, because I’m certain you will never change your cruel ways. 

AYANDOS: Take care my dear, you were lucky to escape from me,   Should I ever get the chance I will take the greatest pleasure in torturing you again, and if that happens, I promise  - you will not live to tell the tale!

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