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4 February 2012


This weekend I'm taking part in this wonderful Tag-Party, today and tomorrow.
The idea is to 'tag' the any books you wish on Amazon.
Here are the links to my books, Starquest, Children Of the Mist and Dancing With Fate, on Amazon/Kindle




Once you're on Amazon's page please feel free to hit the like button on the top of the page and if you scroll to the bottom, just  agree with those tags if you feel they're appropriate.That's all you need to do to join our tag party.

For those unsure about tagging -   A Tag is a key word or words readers associate with a book. The higher the number of readers selecting a specific keyword, the higher that book moves on the list in searches for that keyword.

And tagging is  easy!  Just click on the link each of the authors have provided at their blogs, scroll down to the list of tags and click on all those you think apply to the book (you have to be logged into Amazon to tag).

The great  idea was thought up by the talended Francine Howarth. Please visit her blog so you can discover other  talented authors and their fantastic eBooks. By liking and tagging those authors you'll be helping them gain a little more recognition and hopefully, more sales. (and we could all do with a few of those) :)

Thank you so much and I hope you find lots of new authors for you reading list.

Oh - and if you leave me a comment I'll put you in a draw to win a free download of 'Dancing With Fate'

(And I apologise to anyone who's visited my blog and this post wasn't up - it's been one of  'those days' and I've been chasing my tail all day and forgot to check. *smacks wrist* Late again!  I am sorry - but better late than never)

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