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16 December 2011

De Ja Vu Blogfest

The Deja Vu Blog Fest is today, December 16th,  hosted by DL Hammons, Lydia Kang, Katie Mills and Nicole Ducleroir.
All of those taking part  will re-post their favorite blog offering, or one that didn't receive the exposure they would have liked.
(I apologise for this posting late, I was not around much today and had a few problems with my internet connection and hadn't realised my post was not up.)

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Mine is quite an old entry - 2008 in fact, although it doesn't seem like more than a couple of years ago.  2008 was notable for three quite different events .  The first, a sad one, was the loss of my beloved horse Sally (imortalised in my book 'Dancing With Fate'. The second and third events, much happier, were the release of my debut novel 'Starquest', preceded by the release of 'Dancing With Fate' by the Wild Rose Press as part of their 'Song Of The Muses' series.  I've now regained my rights for that story and re-published it on 'Smashwords', but Starqest, and the sequel 'Children Of The Mist' are still available from The Wild Roise Press in print and ebook.

Ayway, here is the post I wrote in the spring of that year about my other two horses, Harry and T'pau. 

Although I lost my little golden mare, Sally, at the beginning of the year, I still have my other two horses, Harry (Pentrepiod Sovereign) and 'Flying T'pau. Harrry is a lovely jet black Welsh Cob and an absolute sweetheart. T'pau is a gorgeous paint Quarterhorse mare, who likes to rule the roost and show Harry who's boss!


They are kept quite a long way from where we live, unfortunately. We don't have any land of our own but are lucky enough to be able to rent some land and buildings which we share with a friend. The land adjoins a bridleway so it's nice to be able to ride without having to go on the road.

This is the Bridleway (the narrow track winding into the distance)
It leads across some fields and then along a lovely leafy lane, over a little humpbacked bridge to some parkland.

We spent a lovely day today, just
'messing about' with the horses, moving fences and taking Bouncer for a walk along the bridleway. It was a bit too hot to ride, unfortunately, but Bouncer enjoyed himself sniffing in the hedges and tracking rabbits.

The summer rape is out now and the fields are looking lovely and green. When I'm walking or riding there are red kites flying overhead and we can hear the call of pheasants in the distance. I know some people love the city, but I'm a countrygirl and couldn't live anywhere where it wasn't green! England's countryside isn't as spectacular as my native Wales, but it's still very pretty. Much for my inspiration for my writing has come from being close to nature and her secrets, in the countryside

and to end with,  and to give you 'two for the price of one' here is another post from earlier this year which I'd love to share with you again.  If you care about the beautiful mustangs of the American West, please check out the 'Cloud Foundation'. There's a link in my sidebar.

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