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24 August 2011

A J SWEENEY talks about ' A Pulse Of Heroes'

 HL: I'm delighted to welcome AJ Sweeney to my blog today.  Good morning AJ - tell us about your book 'Pulse Of Heroes' and how you came to write it.

AJS: My obvious love of people, history and story telling is what prompted me to write Pulse of Heroes. But before I started I had do decide what was important for me to show in this book:

I wanted Pulse of Heroes to contain many different literary elements: romance, coming-of-age, history, immortality, myth and the supernatural. I have tried to compare what I have written to other works of fiction and found that it would take several books from different genre to be fused together to compare to what I have written. The reason is that I wanted to write more than one story. I wanted a true and a sensitive coming of age narrative of a teenage girl and at the same time I wanted to take her and the readers on a suspenseful adventure filled with romance and fantastical Historical elements. The subject of immortality had been dealt with numerous times in literature and when I think of the immortal characters I present in my story, I find them to be a glorification of the human experience. Basically they feel and deal with the same things as human do, only for them these things are exaggerated since they are themselves bigger than life.

I guess if I was forced to think of titles that my story and characters might be compared to I would have to include the Highlander films, Interview with a Vampire, Peter Pan, Romeo and Juliet, Clash of the Titans, and other myths from around the world that involve a romance between immortals and humans. Although I have not read the Twilight books and have only seen the first movie installment, I am sure that considering that both have romance between human and nonhumans that the two could be compared, with a critical difference that none of my characters are vampires!

The romance dimension of my story is a classic star-crossed lovers tale mixed in with the fantasy that many girls and women alike still dream of-the ever-beautiful youth. The Peter Pan of our dreams comes alive in Elliot’s character, only he is in his early twenties forever and he happens to have extra human abilities and an immense knowledge of the world. Because Elliot has lived many lives, he uses the lessons he has learned as a way to help guide the heroine through her own tribulations. I personally have not read a book that offered a character that had similar traits to that of Elliot’s.

          In terms of the supernatural/fantastical elements in my story, I tried to keep the subject grounded in reality and that is why I use history and established myths. The historical events and the real places I mention, all have been extensively researched and kept close to factual narratives. I made sure not to be overly expository or vague. I try and pique the reader's interest with just a few statements, and if they chose to want to find out more about what I have written, there are plenty of sources for them to go to.

As a coming of age story it was very important to me that my main character, Michelle, is a multidimensional character that has many different views and modes of interactions that sometimes may even contradict one another. I wanted to make sure that my heroine was not a damsel in distress or a wallflower. I wanted her to be active, strong, funny, and at the same time be a teenager who is finding things out about life and herself through trial and error. Sometimes the lessons she learns are painful. I made sure to give Michelle a warm heart and a positive outlook even though at times she doubts very much everything.

HL: Thank you so much for sharing this with us AJ, it's always fascinating to hear about other author's books and characters and Elliott and Michelle sound like characterswho have a lot of depth and their story sounds really imaginative and intriguing.

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