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2 July 2011

New Review for Dancing With Fate

I received this wonderful review from AUBREY DIONNE, who is herself a talented author of such  Science Fiction and Fantasy Romances as 'Messenger In The Mist' and 'Nebula's Music', as well as being a professional flutist.  Here's what she said about 'Dancing With Fate':

"Mythology expertly spun into romance and fairytale

The Celts’ spirits are down from battle, and Apollo asks Terpsichore, the muse of dance, to return to Earth and inspire them. She must forgo her powers and roam among the people as a mortal woman, trying not to be noticed. But she is noticed, for the Gods have secret plans.

When Terpsichore, known as Cora on Earth, finishes her task, she decides to swim in a mountain spring in the forest. After drinking a sip of enchanted wine, she loses herself in dance and song. Her nude dance by the spring captivates a man named Myrddin, who invites her to share his evening meal.

Terpsichore is drawn to Myrddin. Although he is human, there is something special about him, and she longs to get to know him better. She accepts his offer and joins him for dinner. At dinner, she learns he is on a quest to save his betrothed. Both of them hold secrets from each other, and only time will draw them out.

Little does she know the Gods have plans for her, and the stakes are high.

Sweet Terpsichore may be immortal, but she has the same feelings and urges as any woman, and I wanted her to find happiness with Myrddin. With poetic prose and sizzling romance, this story is a must read for mythology and fantasy fans alike."

Thank you so much for the lovely review, Aubrie, and I'm so happy you enjoyed my book.

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