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21 July 2011

The Moon in Habock's Mirror

I'm thrilled to welcome Kara Bartley to my Blog as one of the stages on her blog toiur.. We share a love of animals, especially horses.  

Kara, I love the name of your horse, Dapplynn, not to mention those of your three cats!

Ok to business, let's find out a bit more about you and your latest release 'The Moon in Habock's Mirror.'

Kara Bartley has always been interested in animals, so it comes as no surprise that her world is surrounded by them in both her life and imagination. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology/Earth Science, a post-graduate diploma in Geographic Information Systems and a master’s degree in Vertebrate Paleontology.

 In the spring of 2002, she began writing her first novel The Siamese Mummy while on a dig for fossils in Kansas. The book was later released in 2006.
Kara is also the author of The Unearthlings and Call of Adhara. She lives in Niagara Falls with her three Siamese cats—Apollo, Achilles and Agamemnon. Her horse Dapplynn is her biggest companion, and anxiously awaits the day that she too will have a guest appearance in one of her mother’s books.
You can visit Kara at http://karabartley.blogspot.com 

THE MOON IN HABOCK’S MIRROR, follows the life of Scarlett Cavanaugh, a golden-hearted but reckless fifteen-year-old. Although born with a hole in her heart, she has learned to live life without limits—in contrast to her twin sister, Gwendolyn. A few weeks before the girls’ sweet sixteenth birthday party, Scarlett is punished after breaking curfew with a school boy. In lieu of a weekend with friends, she is instead banished to the attic in her house, to clean. It is there that Scarlett discovers a mysterious diary, a mirror with secrets, and a pet’s unnatural mother tongue.

A newly-acquainted friend named Habock, leads Scarlett into the future through an unsuspecting portal. In his attempt to show how her life has changed, they accidentally become trapped in another time and their journey soon diverges. With a little guidance from a celestial spirit, each learns the truth about the past as they both encounter new friends and enemies along the way. In the hopes of finding one another, Scarlett and Habock instead become part of a deceptive plot, devised by those who wish to destroy their family lines.
A jumble of truth, deceit, fear and illusion, we watch as Habock and Scarlett take us on their rollercoaster adventure.

Read the Excerpt! 

I knew the doctor’s visits were for my heart but then I realized that I hadn’t been given all the information. My parents were hiding something from me.

One day, I learned what that was. It was the night they told me about the severity of my condition.

“Scarlett, sit down,” my father said one summer night. “Your mom and I need to tell you something.”

“Scarlett—that’s such a pretty name, don’t you think?” my mom said.

I nodded. “I love my name. Why? What did I do this time?”

“You did nothing, sweetie,” she smiled at me. “Now, do you know why we named you that?”

I didn’t have an answer for her so I shook my head.

“Well, honey, it seemed fitting for you.”

“But not Gweny?” I asked, innocently.

“Well, although you two are twins, you are different in certain ways. And you my little Scarlett, have something that makes you very special.” She paused, looked over at my dad and then continued. “You know that scar that you have over your heart?” she pointed to my chest.

“Uh huh.”

“It’s something you’ve had since you were a baby. And it’s time we told you how you got it.”

She went on to explain the trials of surgery I experienced to correct this imperfection. And God bless her, never once did she describe my condition as a flaw or defect. This information was not meant to weaken me but rather waken me to the seriousness of my state of being. It was a smart move—informing me of my situation. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to believe them. The only part of the story I liked, was how my surgical scar was reflected in my name. And it’s what eventually led me to accept my condition over time. This name was derived from inside of me. How cool was that?!

I found it empowering if anything.

Gwen had a scar too but the story behind hers wasn’t nearly as exciting. She stopped the path of a soccer ball with her head one day at practise and ended up with a cut above her left eye. My scar and I had aged together but because Gweny had to live with hers on her face, I figured that I had to cut her a little slack.

With time, I began to understand the compassion others showed me. Especially my sister, Gwen. She was always there for me. And I needed her a lot. We were the closest of sisters and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Looking over at her now, I smiled. There she was—snoring away the night. On the floor laid our sergeant dog, licking the still air with his giant tongue. And perched now in front of the moonlit window, trying to catch a glimpse of his reflection, was our strange little feline.

What a weird family, I thought.

Little did I know, that it was about to get a whole lot weirder…

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