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12 May 2011

Social media - by A J Best

I'm delighted to have AJ Best (writer and co-hostess on  The Author Roast and Toast, as my guest blogger today, with some excellent advice on how to negotiate the maize that is Social Networking! 
Ovee to you, AJ!

I’m a rather picky person. Don’t believe me ask anyone I’ve ever come into contact with. There are some things that just hit a nerve with me. And unlike the entire world’s population, I have two cents to give to everyone about everything under the sun. If I would quit giving my two cents, I might be able to pay attention.

I’m going to share another set of pennies with you, even if you didn’t ask.

When I follow an author (in a totally non-stalkerish manner) I’ve been noticing something that just gets my goat. Here’s an example:

(TWITTER) @AuthorJane – new book comes out in one week. Off to clean the bookshelves so I have room.

(FACEBOOK) new book comes out in one week. Off to clean the bookshelves so I have room.  Via twitter

(LINKEDIN) new book comes out in one week. Off to clean the bookshelves so I have room. 

So what have I learned here? Not too much of anything. I know that integrating social media sites makes life easier, but it can also cause others to see through you. Each social media outlet has a purpose, so use it toward that purpose.

Twitter is around so you can see the fail whale, sorry I digress, and give tidbits of information about yourself. Unfortunately readers honestly don’t care about how many times you’ve changed a diaper today. The color of your mucus holds no attraction either. Consider holding contests, posting links to your latest blog posts, or even share the love of some of your favorite authors.

Facebook is a whole new critter. I’ve tried to use it, but can’t tear myself from the personal page to check it as often as I should. I honestly got rid of mine before it even started. It’s nice to know your limitations and only work on what will be productive for you. If you spend too much time on the social networks, you could loose out on productive writing time and your next manuscript.

LinkedIn is more of a networking platform than social media. Knowing this, think about what goes on your pages and updates. Your future boss may see what’s on there. Don’t post about the kegger you went to last night, or the amount of ta-tas that were flashed. Post links of your work, current blogs and guest blogs. These things will show a publisher or freelance company what you are capable of.

So now that you’ve fought over the pennies, let me know what you think. I’d love for you to stop by and say hi on my website www.ajbestwrites.com or feel free to stalk me by emailing ajbestwrites@gmail.com.