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2 May 2011


I hope you're not tired of hearing about the Royal wedding.  I just had to mark the occasion.

This was one of the rare times when I was glued to the television set nearly all day.  From the early morning interviews with the crowds who'd camped out all night to the first glimpse of 'the dress' all the way through to the kiss on the balcony and the drive from the Buckingham Palace to Clarence House after the buffet at the Palace.

I enjoyed it all, I loved the horses, the little bridesmaids and the bride's sister, Pippa, and I thought the bride looked absolutely beautiful in her gorgeous, understated 'Grace Kelly' style dress, with its beautifully fitted lacy bodice and the elegant full skirt sweeping out from the waistline, with the brocade work from the hem  to halfway up the skirt, and an 8 ft train.

The bouquet was small by Royal standards and featured the traditional myrtle (a legacy from Queen Victoria who used it in her wedding bouquet, white sweet williams and my favourite, lily of the valley. (The scent must have been lovely.)  It was very pretty and in line with the 'naturally sourced ' floral arrangements Kate chose for the Abbey, along with the English field Maple trees that lined the Aisle.

The cake was magnificent, all eight tiers of it!

I was really impressed by the way everything was timed, and ran like clockwork, even down to the exact minute Kate left her hotel suite en route to Westminster Abbey.   I have to say that we Brits are pretty good at putting on spectacles like this, and the day made me proud to be British.

(Now, if only they could apply the same efficiency and attention to detail to British Public Transport...)

Kate and William seem genuinely in love and I wish them a long and happy marriage.

(Pictures by News Of The World)