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30 April 2011

Write What You Know by Mona Karel

 I'm so happy to welcome debut author Mona Karel to my Blog today.  Especially since we not only share a love of writing romance, but also alove of horse riding!

Mona is the author of a soon to be released romance 'My Killer My Love. What a fascinating title, and isn't that cover gorgeous!

Good morning Mona, I think you have a great article for us today! Over to you:

How many times have we heard this? Write what you know, write from your experiences, and you’ll be able to write with comfort and knowledge.
Yeah, right.

I did write one story from my experiences when I worked in horses. What I actually wrote was loosely based on my dreams of becoming a truly great rider instead of just an above average rider. At one time I probably rode better than 90% of the population. Unfortunately I competed against that other 10%. The story included a dash of Tanya Harding’s debacle along with a fictional ranch in northern New Mexico that was a sort of half way point for retired mercenaries.

What did I know about retired mercenaries? Well, not much except I dated someone briefly who told me he was a mercenary. Personally he was probably a low level assistant to a drug dealer, but he did have a great line of BS. For a while there I thought he would be my one true love, until he disappeared, and I got a call from the girl he’d been staying with while he was in town. I might write this story some day, most likely he’ll show up in a book as a ne’er do well my heroine bumps into, and she thanks him for helping to fine tune her BS meter.

For that matter, what do Urban Fantasy writers know about vampires and werewolves. No matter how hard they might try to convince me, I can’t quite believe Jim Butcher is relating tales of a lost weekend, or even family legend. And even he can’t quite make me believe there is an entire world below Chicago. If we dig below the warlocks and vampires and the White Council, we find stories of solving problems, helping people, and the attempt to do the right thing, no matter how difficult. All of this seeds for the fertile imagination of a writer.

The seeds for "My Killer My Love" came to me while I fought the never ending war against slugs in my Southern California garden. Not having the time for beer baths or copper guards, I reached for the bottle of guaranteed to rid your garden of slimy pests. I knew it was poison, I knew it wasn’t a great long term solution, and maybe that was why I heard a voice in my head asking me if I really wanted to do what I was about to do.

That thought grew into an old stone cottage secluded in an ancient forest. Along came an immortal enforcer, sworn to protect the sacred places of the universe and the woman he has been sent to punish. The woman is reluctant to use the harsh chemicals but pests have taken over the garden since her grandmother died while the woman was badly injured. Thus the story of Mykhael and Kendra. Not only is Kendra heir to the old cottage, she has also inherited the skills and powers of a few special females in her family line. She needs to learn how to use those skills quickly, to help Mykhael protect the forest and discover the true threat.

Where did Mykhael come from? Do I actually know a man with long curling auburn hair and piercing green eyes? Kind of. I "met" Mykhael at a dog show - he showed up in cargo pants, a torn t-shirt and a southern accent that had half the people there swooning. Yes, his hair did cascade down his back in a riot of dark curls, and his upper lip was somewhat bow shaped. He was also one of the nicest and most intelligent person I’ve ever met, and a little uncomfortable with the attention he received. So I’ve never told him he had a second life in the pages of a book.

 Thank you so much, Mona. As a futuristic/fanasy author I certainly agree that if one only wrote what one 'knew' it would be very limiting!
I love how your story grew out of drastic measures to kill slugs - and how the hero of your book evolved and the person who inspired him!


Find out more about Mona Kare at her BLOG
and look for the release of 'My Killer My Love' from http://blackopalbooks.com/wordpress/index.php/about/ in May.