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11 April 2011

Monday's Word - defenestrate

My thanks to Ezra Barany* for this week's word - defenestrate (*See last wek's post 'The Torah Codes')

When Ezra mentioned that his favourite word was 'defenestrate' my ears pricked - not only is it an interesting and slightly weird word, but it reminded me of the Welsh word for windows - ffenestri.  And that gives a clue to the meaning - which is 'to throw someone or something through a window.'

Now don't tell me there haven't been times when you felt like throwing your pc or laptop through a window!

It's an ancient word, coined around the year 1618. The word comes from the Latin de- (down or away from) and fenestra (window or opening), almost identical to the Welsh word.

So, tell me - what would YOU like to throw out of the window?

(By the way, Ezra also had this to say:  "If I were to create a word it would be a phrase: "dream knowledge" and it would mean the stuff that makes no sense but makes perfect sense in a dream. For example, "In my dream, I was eating a file cabinet because according to my dream knowledge eating a file cabinet was the best way to get rid of the house's termites.")

Brilliant, Ezra - I love it. I seem to have a fair amount of 'dream knowledge' myself, LOL!