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2 February 2011

Celebrate Sky Purington's latest release 'Heart Of Vesuvius'

I'm  so thrilled and happy to welcome  Sky Purington to my blog again.  It's always a pleasure to have you as my guest Sky. Step out of the transporter, dear friend, and have a glass of something reviving before telling us all about your latest book and how you've gone to the 'dark side' LOL ...

Over to you, Sky.

Hi Everyone! It’s always a pleasure visiting this blog. Thanks for the invitation, Lyn!

For those of you unfamiliar with my work, I write a cross genre of fantasy and paranormal romance. From Scottish Highlanders to the ancient Druids, I adore writing about anything even remotely Celtic.
For the past year or so I’ve gone in a slightly different direction. How so? I’ve decided to write about vampires! 

From medieval England to ancient Pompeii, these back to back tales will take you on a perilous journey through not only history but the vampire psyche. With sizzling hot romance and unique characters, I hope you enjoy reading these edge-of-your-seat tales as much as I enjoyed writing them.
While my last visit focused on my first vampire story, Darkest Memory, this visit I’ll be chatting about its sequel, Heart of Vesuvius. The initial inspiration for this story developed when I finished writing Darkest Memory. It occurred to me that a basic thread throughout the story was the fact that I had developed a brother and sister vampire duo (Gabriel and Alexandria) and while I’d just told Gabriel’s romantic tale…didn’t Alexandria deserve to have her tale told as well? So Heart of Vesuvius had its heroine. Next, I needed a hero. Darkest Memory had all but handed me him on a platter based on its ending. Salvator would be the vampire both brother and sister would flee to. After all, they needed to avoid the ultimate unforeseeable future nemesis from Darkest Memory, Salvator’s brother, Luciano.

So why the title Heart of Vesuvius? A program called Sex in Ancient Pompeii aired on the History Channel. While naturally the ‘sex’ part caught my attention, it was more what I learned about Pompeii after the fact. This city made ‘frozen in time’ by the eruption of MT. Vesuvius had my creative juices flowing. My story now had a destination. 
I won’t give away any more for now. Keep an eye on the Appearances (http://www.skypurington.com/main.html) section of my website as I’ll be visiting a few more blogs soon and sharing more about this story. Also, be sure to mark your calendar now. My Celts and More Blog Event launches at my blog, A Writer’s Mind (http://www.skypuringtonwrites.blogspot.com) Monday, January 31st!

As an added bonus, I’d like to offer a giveaway while visiting Lyn’s Blog. One lucky commenter will win an Ecopy of Heart of Vesuvius.


Two vampires, one goal. 
Alexandria has no choice. She must flee to the last place she wants to. Straight into the arms of a vampire she was determined to forget. 
Salvator, ancient vampire, finds this a clever fix to obtaining the one vampire who he has always desired, Alexandria. 
Together, they must find a way to evade her powerful enemy, Salvator's brother Luciano. On the run, they struggle to understand one another. Deep, dark secrets are revealed. Denied passion ignites. Blood is spilled. Within the Heart of Vesuvius, anything is possible. All can be conquered. But will it be? Can wrongs be made right? History is the locked door. Forgiveness is the key. Time will tell if ancient love can once again flourish. 

“We are within the Apennine Mountains.”
She blinked. Impossible. There’s no way she had heard him correctly. “So you’ve taken it upon yourself to rename the White Mountains in your own little world. Typical. I doubt the state of New Hampshire will go for it.”

He sat on a slick rock across from her and crossed his long legs out in front of him. “We are not in the White Mountains. Do you count deafness amongst your faults?”

“Had it applied to me, I do not consider deafness a fault.” Allowing his insults to bother her would serve no purpose, low-life of a rickety old vampire…sexy firm make-you-want-to-drool body aside. “Even the most powerful of our kind could not travel such a great distance in so short a time.”

È lì che si sono sbagliati, so very wrong, even the weakest of vampires could travel such a distance within a minute, mio caro.

Alex almost laughed but stopped. He was dead serious. Closing her eyes she focused, moved her conscience upward. Before she could reach the ceiling, something blocked her.

No. Salvator’s voice entered her mind. Come back. It is unsafe.

Before she could defy him, she felt herself sucked back into her body. Alex opened her eyes. Salvator hadn’t moved. It took a truly powerful vampire to make another of their kind move back into their body against their desire. He told the truth. A strange sort of awareness crawled over her. It felt like fear and terror mixed with an odd acceptance. How was this possible?

“Why the mountains of Italy? How so quickly?” she whispered.
The sheer power drifting in wisps around him pulsed and shifted. “Now Luciano will have to divide his attention between myself and your brother. As I knew would be the case, he is more furious with me…and strangely enough, as an added boon in our favor, you have sparked some interest in him.”

"...this haunting story about loves lost and found is certainly worth the read. The ominous climax of the story, where we learn the origin of the feud between the two brothers and the truth that lies at the heart of Salvatore's relationship with Alexandria, was beautifully, heartbreakingly written."

~The Romance Reviews
“ ...a great read for all you romantics and vampire lovers!”
~Nocturne Romance Reads

Sky - I have to confess I've only just started to read 'Darkest Memory' (You should see the size of my TBR pile!) but I love it.  I wasn't sure if I would, because I don't normally read 'vamp' stories,despite them being so 'hot'  - but who couldn't be captivated by Gabriel!)  Can't wait to read 'Heart of Vesuvius now!' Thank you so much for gracing my blog today and telling us all about your work, and for your prize of a download - don't forget folks, all you have to do is comment to win a copy of what promisers to be a most remarkable story.

Watch the trailer for 'Heart of Vesuvius' below