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17 January 2011

Monday's word - Courage

A different type of 'Monday's word' today. 'Courage' Not the type of courage we usually think of when writing about our heros or heroines though.  This is not about facing dragons or aliens, villains and bad guys, this is a diffrerent type of courage.

Usually I talk about difficult or obscure words.  But this article I came across can be summed up in the one word 'Courage' or, if you want a few more, 'Determination in the face of almost overwhelming odds.'

Look at the picture on the cover of this book (the Book's in German, so you'd need to understand the language if you purchased it) but when you've registered what you see, read about this remarkable woman and her amazingly co-operative and talented horse here:


and then read about another remarkable lady, still in her teens.  A young girl who faced battling leukemia with
amazing fortitude.
Kyra was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on May 15, 2009 and I've been following her journal here for a while.  This is where I picked up the story about Bettina and her horse.

We who have nothing more to grumble about than the day to day tribulations of modern life, have a great deal to be thankful for, and it makes me very humble when I read about people like these who show so much courage and detemination.