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1 October 2010

A special party at the Author Roast and Toast


Today we're doing things a little differently and have a special guest hostess at the Author Roast and Toast - Tess Kincaid, heroine of Sharon Donovan's latest romantic suspense novel 'Her Biggest Fan'.

I'll be there as well of course, along with Mary Ricksen, and we're joined by Tess's handsome sheriff friend, Mike Andretti, (who Tess secretly fancies). We're all trying to solve the mystery of who's stalking Tess, and what's causing all the spooky goings on at the old mansion she's inherited from her father.

Sharon's hunky butler, Oliver will be on hand to dish out lots of yummy virtual food and drink, so please come and join us - and leave a comment to win a download of 'Her Biggest Fan'.

Come and help our dear sister hostess celebrate her latest release!

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If you've never visited the Author Roast and Toast before, we think you're in for quite an experience!