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31 October 2010

A Halloween Celebration of Sandra Cox's 'SUNDIAL'

 The wind blows the clouds across the mist, hiding the moon's eerie light, as Sandra Cox walks up the steps and knocks a little nervously on the door.

It swings open, and Lyn, dressed in a long black robe reaches out her hand and draws her in. 

"Sandra, I'm so glad to see you, come in out of the cold, this Hallow's Eve, you'll catch your death!

With a laugh that sounds a little like a cackle, Lyn leads her guest into the drawing room, where candles flicker and shine.  In the shadows sit many guests, eating and drinking Halloween fare.  They stand and clap as Sanda enters the room

Welcome Sandra, take a seat and tell us all about yourself and your latest  book.

SC: First of all I’d like to thank Lyn for hosting me. I’m quite excited about being here and chatting with everyone.

HL: Sooo, Sandra, tell us a little more about yourself
SC: I’m a genre hopper. I write Crossover YA, paranormal romance, YA fantasy, western romance, nonfiction metaphysical and time travel romance.
I’ve been writing forever and was first published in 2007. I’m an animal proponent and a vegetarian.

HL: Oh I love Western romance, time travel, fantasy - and animals too!  (See my pet kitty?  The horses and dog don't like him much though). So what do you do for fun when not writing? 
SC: I love to shop, love to go to the movie--speaking of which has anyone seen Secretariat? I thought it was great. Okay back to fun, I, of course, enjoy reading. I like to garden and walk. And currently I’ve started Kickboxing lessons.
HL: And when did you start writing?

SC: Too long ago to mention.
HL: *Grin* So what comes first: the plot or the characters?

SC: The main characters come first. The secondary characters pop in with the plot.

HL: . Please tell us about your latest release and what you think readers will enjoy about it
SC: Sarah Miles is a garden painter who discovers an ancient sundial in a garden. When she touches it, she’s whisked back to the Battle of San Jacinto. There she meets Jesse Adams, Sam Houston’s right hand man, the man she unknowingly has gone back through time for.
I think they’ll enjoy the characters. Sarah and Jesse have chemistry.
And I’m quite attached to my secondary characters, and hope readers will be too, especially a character called Hammer.

HL: Sounds a fantastic read! .Do you listen to music when you write and if so, what kind of music – or do you find it  distracts you?

SC: Sometimes I write with music, sometimes without. When I do have background music, it’s usually Celtic. I’ve noticed when I have the Mama Mia sound track playing (obviously not CelticJ ) my fingers fly across the keyboardJ

HL:  It's amazing how much we have in common, I love Celtic music in the background too.  Well now we know a bit more about the author, let's find out something about Susan Cox's novel, 'Sundial':

As Sarah Miles drives down Eighteenth Street, a stranger materializes in front of her car. She throws on her brakes, braces for impact and…drives straight through him. For a brief moment, his voice filled with quiet despair echoes in her head. “Saura.Saura.” Then he’s gone. Later that day, Sarah discovers the SUNDIAL and her incredible journey through time begins.


Sarah glanced around, curiously. 

Tallow candles burned everywhere and threw shadows around the room.  In the corner, stood a small round table with a crimson silk shawl draped over it.  In the center of the table sat a crystal globe.

Sarah looked at Occala.
Occala nodded.  “I saw your arrival.”
“Bull sh…” Jesse bit back the rest of the word.  “This is crazy.  I don’t believe in this,” he waved his arm around, and caused a nearby candle flame to jump and flicker, “crap.”

Sarah gave him a sad smile.

Occala turned to Jesse.  The black woman’s face was expressionless, her voice hypnotic.  “Your refusal to deal with any reality other than your own has cost you much.  And will again.  For she will leave you.  And if you refuse to follow, you will continue on your misplaced journey through time, alone. 

“Always touching briefly on the other, but never together, except for a few brief moments, when the fragile fabric of infinity shatters to allow a temporary passage.”

Jesse felt a chill.  What was the old hag talking about?  Sarah wasn’t going anywhere without him.  He’d make damn sure of that, he vowed silently.

The tension in the room thickened.  The smoke from the candles seemed to grow and dance around them.

Sarah tore her eyes from Jesse as she heard a soft whimper.  Hammer’s teeth were actually chattering.  She laid a reassuring hand on his arm.  “It’s okay, Hammer.  Occala won’t hurt you.  I promise.”

Occala turned towards Hammer.  “Have no fear, Big Mon, the spirits have no quarrel with you.”

Jesse studied the Voodoo Woman as she spoke to Hammer.  In the clearing, she had appeared taller; had appeared to grow before his very eyes.  Now in this setting, in this small room, he doubted if she was five foot tall.

Jesse was tired of the whole sorry business.  “Look, if you could give us some provisions and show us how to get out of here without encountering those men out there, we’ll be moving on.”

Occala turned towards Jesse.  “When Joe returns, he will take you back.  The men won’t bother you anymore.”

SUNDIAL can be purchased at www.classactbooks.com in either E format or paper.

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The contest runs from Oct 15  -  through Nov 14 at 5 p.m.
Sundial blog hostesses are invited to enter.

 Fantastic contest, Sandra, and I just love the sound of 'Sundial' - yet another one to go on my wish list!  Thank you so much for being my guest today, and I wish you huge sales with your book.  


Multi-published author Sandra Cox lives with her husband, five cats, a dog and an occasional foster cat in sunny North Carolina. She’s a vegetarian and has two grown children.

You can find her on the web at: