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24 August 2010

Asking for votes - but not for me...

No, not for myself, for my friend Sharon, who is still in hospital after her operation.  She has a video at 'You Gotta Read, and with just two days left, your vote could make all the difference.  I know it would cheer her no end to win the poll, so since she's not able to promote it herself, I'm trying to do a bit of promo for her, and ask for your vote, if you haven't already cast it.

The video she has entered is for 'Mask Of The Betrayer', her romantic suspense novel - it  really is a  fantastic video with live actors and a great atmosphere to set the tone of  her book, full of suspense and intrigue.  Here's the link, if you'd like to vote:

Her video is #15 and well worth a look -and a vote. Thank you in advance, it would mean so much to her to win this contest.