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22 June 2010

New Fantasy award from Aubrie Dionne

I received a lovely surprise in my inbox the other day from Aubrie Dionne.
 Drum Roll...........

It's the Fantasy/Sci fi Blogger Award

What a beautiful Blog Award!  It came with this proviso:
"This Award should be given to any blogs that promote the genres of Fantasy and Science Fiction, whether it be through author interviews, reviews, your own writing, etc. The rules are: you must state 5 of your favorite fantasy/SF books and or movies that inspired you.  "

It's difficult, because there are so many books/films that have inspired me, but although there are more I'd love to include,  I narrowed it down to five, in no particular order:

The Ship Who Sang (and the Dragon Books) Anne McCaffrey
The Foundation Trilogy, Isaac Asimov (Book trilogy)
The Earthsea  Chronicles - Ursula Le Guin  (Books)
The Lord Of The Rings trilogy  - JRR Tolkein  (Books and film)
The Martian Chronicles -  Ray Bradbury (Book)

I'm awarding this Honour to:

Sky Purington
Michelle Hart
Skhye Moncrief
Alisha Paige
SFR Brigade