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21 June 2010

Monday's Word - STEAM

Yesterday was Father's Day in the UK, as well as the USA. I hope fathers everywhere had a lovely day. To celebrate, Dave, Bouncer and I went to one of our favourite events, the local annual steam rally. I find the whole idea of steam very romantic. I'm not sure if it's the noise, the beauty and workmanship of these huge steam behemoths, the nostalgia of another era ... whatever it is I love the whole atmosphere of a steam rally.

Although our village is only small, steam engine enthusiasts come from all over the country to exhibit their steam engines, wagons, busses, fire engines, farming equipment organs and traction engines - all run by steam. There are also many miniature working models just big enough for an adult to drive, and perfect in scale and every detail.

A notice in front of the miniature threshing machine explaining the process of threshing
Ours is only a small event compared to some of the large steam fairs in other parts of the country, but there is still a sense of wonder and excitement and the sheer joy of seeing these workhorses of another age.

Many people dress in costume and exhibit for various charities

This little dog seems to be part of the 'crew' and looked like he might be one of Bouncer's relatives! He was looking at Bouncer quite keenly when I took this picture!

Here's a video I put together. It's not terribly smooth, it's only taken with a small digi camera and there was a lot going on, but hopefully it conveys something of the atmosphere. Note the little dog on the last vehicle but one, that's the one above, he seems to enjoy his perch high up above the ground and was looking around at the crowd as if to say 'I'm a star.'

You may need to turn your sound down a bit as there's a lot of shouting, and whistling of engines going on!