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8 May 2010

Nebula's Music

 I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Aubrey Dionne on this blog, as part of her Goddess Fish Blog tour.  I knew I would enjoy her book, 'Nebula's Music' and I wasn't wrong!

Nebula is a cyborg - with memories of the woman from whom she was created and whose image she wears. These memories are fleeting and occur whenever she plays the Steinway piano on board the Flightship 'Freedom' where she is a senior officer.

When the crew rescues a band of rebels, the gesture rebounds on them and their ship is attacked by Gryphonites, a fierce and savage race of aliens who are intent on capturing slaves to work their mines. Nebula makes a sacrifice which propels her into terrible danger - and into the arms of Radion, one of the rebels, who loved the woman from whom she was formed.

Nebula's Music is a touching and fast moving story of love and adventure. The pace rises like a musical crescendo to its exciting climax. The description is vivid and detailed whether it's the view of the stars from the Flightship or the interior of the Gryphonite mines. I loved all the characters, especially Nebula herself. Although an artificially created cyborg, she has the courage and emotions of a human woman. She is not merely a replica of the woman whose death Radion seeks to avenge however. In some respects she is actually more human, with a greater capacity for love and empathy, enhanced rather than overshadowed by her artificial strength and abilitiies.

For a relatively short story, the characters all had wonderful depth and variation. I found myself empathising with each of them in turn, alien and human, although the story is told purely from Nebula's Point Of View. The Gryphonites were delightfully evil antagonists and there were some nailbiting moments which made me wonder if the two main characters would ever achieve a satisfactory conclusion. I felt there was enough packed into this novella for a full-length novel, and was sorry when it ended.

Hywela Lyn

If you'll enjoy your Science Fiction with a touch of Romance, you'll love Nebula's Music.

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