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5 April 2010

Blog Award

I have been awarded the "Happy 101" award by Miss Mae.  Thank you for thinking of me, Miss Mae, what a lovely gift!

The way this works is that I must list ten things that make me happy. (Only ten?)
Anyway, here they are in no particular order.

1. My husband, family, and friends, including all my wonderful ‘on-line’ friends..
2. My ‘other family’ of dogs, cats and horses.
3) The wonders of creation and the beauty of nature.
4) Visiting my beloved Wales
5. Reading a good book (of course)
6) Chocolate
5) The fun of creating new characters and finding out what happens to them.
7) Snow when it’s freshly fallen
8) Riding along a quiet country lane.
9) Listening to a beautiful piece of music
10) Watching a really good film (Did I mention chocolate?)

Five  bloggers I'm passing this on to:

Mary Ricksen
Sharon Donovan
Sandra Kay
Sheila Deeth
Judith Ledger