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24 March 2010

Darkest Memory - Sky Purington - Released today!

Please welcome today's special guest, my 'muse sister, and fellow Wild Rose Press author, SKY PURINGTON.

Sky's story in the 'Song Of The Muses' anthology from the Wild Rose Press, was 'Highland Muse', a fantastic tale combining Greek Mythology and Scottish History. It was such a joy and a priviledge to work on this series with you Sky, and I loved your story 'Highland Muse' and your bonnie highlander hero.

'The King's Druidess' set the scene for her wonderful Mac'Lomain series, starting with 'Fate's Monolith, followed by 'Destiny's Denial, and the third in the series 'Sylvan Mist' which will be released on the 18th June. Make a note in your diaries, we'll be roasting and toasting her at 'The Author Roast and Toast Blog' on that day, and it's going to be a real fun event!

Today though, sees the release of her latest story 'Darkest Memory' and I'm thrilled to have her as my guest here, to help her celebrate. (There'll be more about this latest story later.)

OK, Sky, make yourself comfortable, have a mug of hot chocolate - or coffee if you prefer - and tell the readers a bit more about yourself.

Sky and Lyn exchange hugs then Sky pulls up a chair, waves at the audience and takes a sip from her mug before replying:

Born in Massachusetts, raised in New Hampshire, I enjoyed a very interesting childhood. I was lucky enough to be the child of a TWA employee! This meant I was able to travel quite a bit. While the beautiful landscape of New Hampshire inspired my love of nature─ traveling inspired my interest in people, culture and diversity. Through it all, my obsession for words grew. Eventually, I decided to self-educate through writing correspondence courses. Five years later, I started writing my first novel. Swing my website to learn more.

HL: We'll be sure to do that, Sky. I share your love of nature, landscape and people, as I'm sure a great many of your readers do too. Tell us - what do you do for fun when not writing?

SP: I love spending time with my four year old son. I realize I have very few years left that he’ll want to play with mom. For now, we like sledding together, going to the park and artsy crafty stuff. Like I said, my days are numbered…he is a boy after all!

In addition, I enjoy gardening. Without gloves is best. There’s nothing like the feel of the soil against my bare hands. Sounds silly, but true. It’s worth trying to fix my poor fingernails later.

Besides that…travel, travel and travel some more. Yep, my son had his first passport at 10 months old!

HL: Wow, lucky little boy! Sounds like you're certainly making the most of this lovely time with your young son. Now then, I'm itching to know more about 'Darkest Memory' and what you think readers will enjoy about it

SP: Secrets saturate this story. As the title implies, Darkest Memory revolves around some very intense and forgotten memories─ones that will change the course of a young woman’s fate. My heroine, Calah, is a cutthroat journalist. Gabriel is a vampire determined to protect her.

Without doubt, it’s a rollercoaster ride bringing these two together. So much happens. While deceit mingles with passion and revelations unfold, another female vampire is determined to destroy everything. Though the story takes place in present day Maine, through some very heartfelt and steamy scenes, the reader travels back to twelfth century London to visit a historically monumental night at Westminster Abby. It’s incredible!

What do I think readers will enjoy about it? The twists! I can’t seem to stop throwing the little buggers into my stories. The twists in Darkest Memory are cultivated to make your heart ache. There are bittersweet moments entwined with the ruthlessness vampires are known for. While I adore modern vampires, most have a history. And we all know I love history! If you enjoyed Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire) or Bram Stoker (Dracula), this story touches on that particular flavor of storytelling with an updated push remnant of Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse Series- AKA- True Blood) and L.J. Smith (Vampire Diaries). I mean really, anyone writing about vampires and creating a romance around them has to have a certain appreciation for all that’s been written prior!

HL: Oooh, I do so love a story with twists and turns, and keeps me guessing. Now for the million dollar question - if someone were to play one of your characters in a movie, which character and what actor would it be and why?
SP: Oh, great question! One I haven’t given much thought to until now. Let me see. How about I focus on a man fit to play Gabriel? I’m going to spin the roulette wheel because this isn’t an easy decision. Leaning over, spinning the wheel. The ball slowly rolls by James Marsden. Wheel’s still spinning. Ball’s rolling by David Boreanaz. Wait! Sky cheats and leans over. Have to slow the spin. The ball lands on Mathew Bomer.

(It's a not very well known fact that Lyn keeps a roulette wheel on her blog for just such an occasion! *Grin*)

Phew, hard work! But seriously, he could be the one. You might know him from the TV series White Collar. He’s con-man Neal Caffrey. I know─odd choice for a vampire but look at him with those come-hither kissable lips and piercing but vulnerable eyes, he has definite sex appeal. Mathew plays a clever side-kick in the series with a vicious sense of humor but I’m thoroughly convinced he’s capable of any role because he’s such a super actor. Gabriel─Mathew─Gabriel…sighs, swoons…you get the gist!

HL: Ooh! I'm sighing and swooning with you, Sky. What a great looking guy! May I borrow him to play one of my characters when you've finished with him, LOL?

Lyn fans herself and tries to remember she's supposed to be interviewing Sky. After a moment, she continues:

Do you listen to music when you write and if so, what kind of music – or do you find it distracts you?

SP: Music only distracts me if I’m editing. When writing, I need music. It inspires. What I listen to totally depends on what I’m writing. When I wrote my Scottish series I listened to boat loads of Lorenna Mckenitt and bagpipe music. When I wrote Darkest Memory, it was all about Enigma. The darker edge to their music kept things in perspective.

HL: Hmm, that's interesting. I can totally relate to Enigma, there are times when you need that 'darker edge'! Do you have a support system? Do you have a writing community? What valuable lessons have you learned from them?

SP: Honestly, I believe less is more. While I appreciate the larger writing communities, I have limited time to interact with them as much as I’d like. I’ve found a solid critique team and a few really good friends in the writing community to be the best option for me. People who understand where I’ve come from and where I’m heading─those comfortable giving me honest advice as I give it to them as well. I have learned so much from my smaller group within the writing community, I wouldn’t know where to begin!

HL: I do agree, Sky, you're so right. Advice and honest critiques from one or two true and trusted friends is the certainly one of the best ways to hone and improve ones work. Let us into your secret - what is your favorite source of inspiration?

SP: My favorite source of inspiration will always be history. Yes, I’ll admit it─I’ve watched Antiques Road Show on occasion, been mesmerized by documentaries on the history channel and bought historical books no one else probably would have. I love understanding objects, places and people of the past. Why were things created? What makes a place stand out above all others? Why did historical figures do what they did? Right now I’m alert to anything out of Scotland, Ireland, England, Italy, Russia, France, Asia─ this list goes on at length. I love it all.

HL: I didn't realise you had 'The Antiques Road Show' in the States, Sky, that's so interesting. It's one of my favourite programmes and one of the few things I watch on TV these days. And I do so agree, places and people from the past are a wonderful source of inspiration. (I note you mention Ireland, England and Sootland - and I know you have a very soft spot for Scotland - but please folks, don't forget my homeland of Wales, *grin* it's teeming with legends and history!)

Well, sadly we've nearly come to the end of this chat, and we have to let you go to continue celebrating your special release day. It's been a true pleasure and honour to have you here Sky, thank you so much.

SP: I hope you enjoyed getting to know about me and my story. I wish I could have told you more about Darkest Memory but simply couldn’t risk giving too much away! Writing it was thrilling and yes, darker than what I’m used to, but I love a challenge. I welcome all feedback. Tell me what you liked. What you didn’t. Purchase Now!

HL: Before you leave us Sky, please, can we hve a blurb and excerpt?

SP: Happy to oblige. Here we go

Calah Arlington lands a career-making interview with billionaire club owner, Gabriel Knight. His dark looks and mysterious nature captivate her. However, looks can be deceiving. Now bizarre things are happening to her. She hears his seductive voice when he hasn't spoken. She's become forgetful and worries when she's unable to remember her own actions. Could the truth behind the strange occurrences be deadly?

Vampire, Gabriel Knight would have waited a thousand centuries for Calah Arlington to return. A stormy night brings her to him. He should've remained a secret — to protect her. Fate has other plans. Making contact under the pretension of an interview, he lures her to his estate to keep her safe from the enemy. However, he underestimates his dark desire for her. Now who will keep her safe from him?


She already visualized the piece as one that spoke of the ‘man behind the scenes’ or ‘the man without a face, but a business mind worth a billion.’ The public ate up stuff like that.

“So that concludes it then.” Gabriel stood, walked around and leaned against the desk with smooth casualness.

His proximity and height more than overwhelmed but she looked up and met his gaze. “You’re quite accomplished, Mr. Knight.”


Again, she had the same feeling she’d had on the Yacht, as though he moved closer, so close the world ceased to exist. “Gabriel.”

He offered an alluring smile, and she had the distinct feeling that, though he’d tolerated the interview, he’d much rather have her beneath him at the moment. “Now, Calah, tell me more about you.”

His soft tone and bedroom eyes should offend but they didn’t. With any other man whom she had just conducted a professional interview she’d pack up her stuff, rent a car and be out of here. Not Gabriel. She still hadn’t looked away. He held so many secrets. What were they?

“There’s not much to tell.” Don’t fidget, she preached to herself. Don’t let him see your discomfort. “You already know the basics about me.”

His gaze seemed to crawl inside her, and she released the pen she’d been holding. It clattered to the desktop.

“But not the truths, Calah. Tell me the truths.”

Why not? Because there weren’t many. “I was always the kid who struggled to prove my intelligence. Went to Boston University and majored in journalism when I should have majored in history. Fell in love too young only to learn the hard way I’d never been in love to begin with, have no concept of what it means to love and know for a fact, I never will.”

What had she just said? She couldn’t have said those things to him. Like a whirlpool, sucking her in further―No, quicksand, his low tone wrapped around her.

“You never needed to prove your intelligence, Calah. You have always been naturally bright. Journalism was the right major, history just got in the way.” His hand moved slightly, as if it encompassed her cheek but seemed to have never left his side. “And as for love, you are right. You have never been in love… But you will be.”

HL: Wow. what a way to end an excerpt. And here, to whet your appetite even further, is the trailer:


HL: Well, if the excerpt didn't make you want to rush out and buy 'Darkest Memory', the trailer certainly would! Fantastic job, Sky and I think you have another snippet of news for us before you leave, haven't you?

SP: Good news! Heart of Vesuvius, sequel to Darkest Memory, was just contracted. This little romantic tale follows Gabriel’s sister, Alexandria from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the Apennine Mountains of Italy onward. Expect to see ancient vampires, gladiators and Roman soldiers in this one.

Click here to learn more.

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I’d like to thank Lyn for having me. It’s been fabulous! Be sure to swing over to my blog this Saturday, March 27th to see what Lyn is saying about her latest release, Children of the Mist. Leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy of Children of the Mist as well as a gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press!

Best Regards,

Well, thank YOU Sky, it's been a real joy having you here today. I look forward to being with you on Saturday, and I wish you every success with 'Darkest Memory - and 'Heart Of Vesuvius' - can't wait for that one gladiators, Roman soldiers and vampires - what a combination, and what an amazing imagination you have, your talent is truly remarkable.

Sky's website link: http://skypurington.com

Blog Link: http://skypuringtonwrites.blogspot.com