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22 February 2010

Monday's Word Quinquagenary


I should really have used this word for my 50th post, instead of my 235th post, because that's what this rather strange looking word actually means - 50th.
Here's what Michael Quinion has to say about it:
"The term is from classical Latin "quinquagenarius", consisting of fifty, or fifty years old. This has also given the English language "quinquagenarian", a slightly better known term, whose adjectival senses overlap with those of "quinquagenary", in particular one
that refers to a person in their fifties....
Having dubbed himself variously as the Man Who Sold the World, the Man Who Fell to Earth, and now, simply, Earthling, David Bowie has more than just his quinquagenary to celebrate at Madison Square Garden January 9. [The New York Magazine, 13 Jan. 1997.]"

So belated happy Quinquagenay to David Bowie and to you to if you happen to have a 50th celebration - of anything!

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