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3 February 2010

Books In Sync

 Isn't this a great badge? Theodocia McLean just sent it to me to to commemorate my Award of Author Of The Month last year, at her wonderful site, 'Books In Sync'.
If you're a reader you there is a wealth of books and authors for you to seek out there.  If you're an author, you probably spend a lot of your hard earned royalties on advertising and promotion.  Well, with Books in Sync, I can honestly say the fee is very modest and the hard work Theodocia puts in for her authors is amazing.

Here's a Quick Re-Cap Of What Authors Get With A Books In Sync Annual Subscription:

Authors Get A Full Author's Page That Hosts:
Book Covers, Full Book Description, Book Trailers, Book Reviews, Book Excerpts, Author?s Headshot Jpeg, Author Spotlight Interview, Special Books In Sync Press Release, Book Purchase Links and Author's Contact Information.

Book(s) are placed in the Reader's Caf? by genre and Book Trailer(s) are placed in the Video Theater by genre.

The Author's Book Cover & Headshot Jpeg is displayed on the Books In Sync Home Page.

Authors get a special Book In Sync Press Release which we place on thirteen online locations along with a Book Cover and Trailer. Next we send your Books In Sync Press Release to an online E-Zine for approval and posting.

Books In Sync goes out and beats the online bushes for Reader to bring to the site. Recently we started two Reader Related Contests.

Our newsletter has over 3,000 readers and it is growing every month. We host four Author Related Contests and one Fun Pet Contest.

If an author subscribes for the second year and so on.....we post their headshot jpeg and book cover jpeg back on the Home Page, revise your Books In Sync Press Release and do another online Promotional Blitz.

Best Of All You Get The Books In Sync Name Behind You!

There is currently a contest going on featuring authors' pets.  My beloved horses and dog are entry No 5    

 And no, Theodocia isn't paying me to post this :) but I just wanted to show my appreciation of all she does to help authors.