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9 December 2009


One of the nicest things I discovered when I had my first novel, Starquest, published by The Wild Rose Press, is how supportive and friendly other authors are. Even though in a way we're competing with each other, it's not 'competitive' competing, if you see what I mean. We're all trying to sell our books, certainly, and the royalities we receive often don't even cover the amount we spend on promoting them, not to mention the time, but we write because we love writing, and we all share the kinship of this common passion, and rejoice in each other's new releases and successes.

I've made some wonderful on-line friends and discovered that if you need help finding the answer to a question or someone to read that tricky paragraph and give some advice, there is always someone out there willing to help. The loops and groups are a wonderful way to connect with other writers as well as readers, and of course, we love to visit each others blogs and interview other writers, or give interviews.

One of my much loved on-line friends is the lovely Sky Purington, who is one of my 'muse sisters'. I had such fun writing 'Dancing With Fate' my contribution to the Wild Rose Press anthology 'Song of The Muses, it was such a privilege to be included in this collection of stories with eight fantastic authors. Sky has a fantastic contest going on at her blog and has highlighted one of my stories, as well as those of five other fantasy authors. This is typical of Sky's generosity and support of her fellow writers. Why not pop over and leave a comment? You could win a prize of a $50 Wild Rose Press Gift Certificate. The contest is open until noon on 25th December (Not September as I originally posted!)