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29 December 2009

Christmas Tree

Well Christmas may be over for some, but for me it keeps going right until New Year - in fact I don't take my decorations down until Twelfth Night. One of the things I enjoy most about Christmas, is decorating the tree. For the past couple of years we've had our tree from the Christmas Tree farm, Chesham (see earlier post). I promised I'd post some pictures, so here they are. I've collected lots of decorations over the years, magical unicorns, golden bells, rocking horses, crystal horses, Native American angels, traditional angels, teddies, and a couple of little glass angels, etc. They're all precious and I love arranging them on the tree. I also have lots of tiny teddy bears collected over time and kept in the glass fronted cabinet in the picture. Once a year some of them come out and dance to the Scottish Highland bears who play their pipes and drums for them in the 'snow'!

"Now, the tree is decorated with bright merriment, and song, and dance, and cheerfulness. And they are welcome. Innocent and welcome be they ever held, beneath the branches of the Christms Tree, which cast no gloomy shadow! But, as it sinks into the ground, I hear a whisper going through the leaves. "This, in commemoration of the law of love and kindness, mercy and compassion. This, in remembrance of Me!"

(Quote taken from the Christmas Tree Farm website.)