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30 November 2009

Monday's Word

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this week's word, but I rather like it. It was taken at our local Christmas tree farm.

I'm quietly celebrating as yesterday I pushed over the 50,000 word mark for my NaNoWriMo. I have yet to validate it, but I'm quite pleased with myself, here were times I thought I'd 'Lost The Plot, but I managed to make up a nine thousand word deficit in two days, and the it all seemed to come together. Anyway, here is my gleaning from Michael Quinion's 'World Wide Words' site.

"TWINING A minor lexicographical result of the devastating floods in Cumbria last week has been the appearance in at least two UK national newspapers of the dialect word TWINE, to complain or whine ("Cumbrians are a unique breed. They say what they see. They are hands-on people. They will twine and moan but then they will just get on with it." - Metro, 23 November).

It was at one time widely known throughout Scotland and the north of England. By way of
another of its senses, to be fretful, ailing or sickly, it may be connected with "dwine", another dialect word, to pine or waste away, which is from an ancient Scandinavian source."

*World Wide Words is copyright (c) Michael Quinion 2009. All rights reserved. The Words Web site is at http://www.worldwidewords.org