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7 October 2009


Those of you who follow this blog might have noticed that there were was no 'Monday's Word' this week. Apologies. I have no real excuse, except that I've been busy with my WIP, and various Blog appearances, including CHICKS OF CHARACTERIZATION where I'm featured in their 'Spotlight' which has been running from Monday until today, Wednesday.

This is a great Blog, full of interesting pictures and interiews. Pop along and leave a comment if you get a moment.

I'm also thrilled to be 'Author Of The Month' at:



This is a wonderful promotional resource for writers, with Books, bios, excerpts and trailers. If you're an author, consider joining, and if you're a reader, this is a veritable 'Aladin's Cave' with something for every taste.

There are still a couple of days left to vote in the Excerpt contest at Classic Romance Revival. Do pop along and vote - even if it's not for me :) There are some wondeful excerpts up there.