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22 August 2009


I'm very excited because today four friends and myself are proud to announce the launch of:

A New Blog Promo Opportunity - THE 'AUTHOR ROAST AND TOAST':

Your latest release is ‘Available Now’ – or is about to be set loose on the world. It’s wonderful, the cover’s beautiful, and you can’t wait for people to buy it (or for even more people to buy it if it’s been out a while.) We all know how important it is to promote and get your book out there; Loops, Groups, Blogs, Interviews. Everyone’s doing it these days – so how about something a little different?

Do you have a whacky sense of humor? Do you fancy a book spotlight in an unconventional setting, with five hostesses waiting on you hand and foot (and occasionally taking the Mickey, oh OK, taking the Mickey rather a LOT with a little help – or hindrance – from their own personal little helpers or ‘specialities’, not to mention an alarmingly good looking and seductive, flirtatious cyber butler? (see my 'featured hunk', I'm only 'borrowing' him though!)

Four fun loving ladies just as crazy as I am, and myself have got together to run a blog/bar that’s a little bit zany and a lot of fun. You may remember the ‘Book Roast’ which, sadly for its countless fans, hung up its spurs after riding off into the sunset? We felt it was time for something to fill the void: To this end, in memory of, and in tribute to the late ‘Book Roast’ the ‘Author Roast And Toast’ Blog was created.

If you fancy putting yourself and your book forward for roasting and toasting in a somewhat unconventional environment – if you can take a lot of good humored ‘ribbing’ and give it back – if you want to have FUN promoting - then the Author Roast And Toast is the place to be.

We do, of course have to have a few rules and regulations (Nothing too heavy, but Oliver the butler insists on it) If you want to view them and find out how it all works, you are invitedc come over to http://authorroastandtoast.blogspot.com/ On August 28th , between 9.00 and 4.00pm, for our Grand Opening where we will introduce our first 'Roastee', author Danielle Thorne. You'll be able to find out how you can submit yourself for roasting, and have fun with the hostesses and their unique 'helpers'. There is also a rumor that there’ll be some prizes flying around for those kind (or brave enough) to leave a comment.

This is your own personal invitation to The Author Roast and Toast Blog - bring along your sense of humor and be prepared to have fun.

Permission to forward to your groups granted and encouraged

AR&T reserves the right to accept submissions at its discretion