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9 July 2009


I've just recieved my first review for 'Children Of The Mist'

Anyone who has a book published will understand the trepidation with which I went to the review page. This is only my second full length novel and I'm almost as fond of it as I am of my first one, 'Starquest'. What did the reviewer have to say? What if she hated it? What if it got a really low rating . This is my first 'official' review for 'Children' and although my wonderfully supportive author friends and readers have liked it, that's no guarantee everyone will. Tastes differ but a bad review can really shatter one's confidence. With shaking hands I clicked on the following link


Phew! I needn't have been so nervous, the lovely Martha E had some very nice things to say.
Thank you so much, Martha E, I can breathe again!