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29 June 2009

Stop and Smell The Roses Blog Bouquet

Welcome to The Wild Rose Press's 'Stop and Smell The Roses' day.

For those who haven't visited my blog before, I’m Hywela Lyn and I write futuristic and fantasy romance. I currently have three titles available with The Wild Rose Press: STARQUEST, DANCING WITH FATE and a sequel to 'Starquest', just released, 'CHILDREN OF THE MIST.' You can read excerpts at my website - and don't forget to check out my trailers at the top of this page. I also have a short story entitled 'A Bargain With Death' (Not nearly as dark as it sounds') available as a FREE READ, so it will cost nothing more than a little of your time.

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Onto the subject of today's post. I'm proud to be part of the 'Smell The Roses' Bouquet' event. I love flowers, don't you? They are so colourful and cheerful and really brighten up ones life with their beautiful petals and sweet scents. After all, what would summer be without them? They're given to cheer up somone who's sick, to wish a 'Happy Birthday' or Anniversary, as a gift from a lover to the object of his affections or just to show someone that you care.
Even if you don't have a garden or only a very small one (like me) you can still grow flowers in containers or a windowbox. I love containers, I have quite a collection of them on my pateo; some of them are in the picture above, and although our small garden has flower borders, I love being able to move the containers around as I want them, and to be able to replant them as the flowers die down. Apart from being so bright and colourful, in bouquets or in gardens, a single flower can also be very romantic, as my heroine in ' Starquest realised when she learnt the significance of the rarest flower in the universe, an Anraatian blue rose.

In the follow up to 'Starquest', 'Children Of The Mist,' I've tried to convey a sense of beauty in the landscape, and give an idea of the varieties of colour on a rather unhospitable world. Although the story is set on a snowy, cold planet, the flowers manage to thrive in a seemingly unwelcome climate. Here's a brief excerpt.

At last, Gladsheim came into view. Vidarh drew in his breath. The city was even more beautiful than the stories had led him to believe. The mist, which still swirled over the mountains, had not yet reached the settlement. The setting suns cast a golden glow, suffused with touches of pink and crimson. Elegant houses, ranged around a long, narrow lake beneath snow-capped peaks, stood bathed in the ethereal light. Mosaic paths wound between tinkling fountains, and shrubs and flowers grew in profusion, despite the fine sprinkling of snow on the ground.

Vidarh was still gazing around in awe, when Gullin came to his pony's head and held the bridle for him to dismount.

Come, you must be tired after your journey. You need to change and then we'll eat, and you can meet everyone. Vidarh was happy to alight from the saddle and hand the reins to a girl, who also held Tamarith's pony. As she and a young man led their mounts away, Vidarh followed Gullin and Tamarith across the delicate bridge, which spanned the lake. Unseen bells tinkled, the sound drifting on the slight wind, and the bridge itself coruscated with all the colours of the spectrum, in the radiance of the two sunsets.

To be put in the drawing to win my prize in this contest, your choice of any pdf book on the Wild Rose Press website: www.thewildrosepress.com and a pack of some promotional goodies, including one of only a few special 'Starquest' pens, just leave a comment on this blog, telling me what your favourite flower is, and why.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll run over to the blogs of the other authors participating in this the second of TWRP's Stop and Smell the Roses Blog Bouquet. There are lots of great prizes on offer. (Don't forget to add your email address to your comment, so we can contact you if you're a winner.)

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and I hope you enjoy the contest, good luck.
Have a great summer and don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

Thanks, Lyn