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25 June 2009


...or villains we love ... to love!

Well, I'll come to that in a minute, but I just wanted to mention that I'm honoured to be taking part in the 'Sweetest Romance Authors' Blog hunt. This is a group of writers who strictly adhere to the ''sweeter" side of romance, and they have their own loop at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/The_Sweetest_Romance/

Anyway, what was I saying? Ah yes, villains we love to love!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who watches a film or tv series, only to become completely enamoured of the villain, while the guy who plays the hero seems far less attractive.

For instance:

There was a cult futuristic science fiction series in the seventies, entitled 'Blakes 7', about a group of freedom fighters and their adventures in space. I have the complete series on DVD, and in the second episode a young man by the name of Kerr Avon appears. Avon is a high class thief, brilliant, selfish, and ruthless. He becomes the sidekick of the main character, Roj Blake, although by the third series Blake has disappeared and Avon is in charge. I was never that keen on Blake, a thoroughly good, righteous man, interested only in doing battle with evil and fighting for what is right. By contrast, Avon was self centred and out for what he could get - a far more interesting character! Watching him give one of his enigmatic smiles can still make my toes curl He never made a secret of the fact that he cared for no-one but himself, but you always had the sneaking feeling he'd probably risk his life for his friends if he had to - especially if there was money involved!

Then - still on the subject of TV series - take Robin Hood. Yes, you're welcome to take him, as long as you leave me Guy of Gisborne (played by Richard Armitage)

(Excuse the slight pause while I fan myself furiously and mop my brow with a delicate lace hanky) Now I know Robin Hood (played by Jonas Armstrong) is a real nice guy, and he's pleasantly good looking and great with a bow - but he just can't compare with Richard Armitage's smouldering good looks. We know Guy of Gisborne is hard and cruel, on the outside, but really, all he needs is the love of a good woman to warm his heart. He should have had Marian, how could she not have fallen for him *Sigh* Things could have been so different!

Of course this is the foundation of many a good romance, isn't it. The bad guy redeemed by a woman's love, the man who could so easily take the wrong path, but who, at the last minute, reforms when he realises the most important thing in the world is the woman who has stolen his heart!

I'll leave you to ponder on this philosophical thought, and direct the 'Sweet Romance' contestants to the next blog: