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29 May 2009

The last roast

Yes, it's the last roast - not the last waltz! If you've been following recent posts you'll know I've been lucky enough to have had all three of my books featured at a wonderful Blog called the 'Bookroast', generously created and hosted by Chris Eldin and friends.

If you missed all the fun, I'll just say that several times a week, an author would post his or her book details and an excerpt, and the crew would ask readers a question (usually tongue in cheek or just 'silly' ) and one of the answers to this question would win its writer a copy of the book. The whole thing had a wonderfully humorous, informal feeling about it, and as well as promoting ones work, it was a way to connect with other writers and to do something a little 'different'.

There's a farewell party going on there now - why not pop along and join in the fun. Meet Chris and the rest of the crew and wish them all well in their future venutures, as I do. You'll find them at: