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5 March 2009


What's that delicious aroma?

I'm being roasted today at the Book Roast blog: http://www.bookroast.blogspot.com/

OK the roasting and grilling is purely metaphorical, but I may be asked to give away a few insider secrets! There's virtual hot chocolate and marshmallows, something a little stronger for those who wish it, and your favourite barbeque food.

Stop by and read an excerpt from 'Dancing With Fate. Answer a question at the Book Roast blog and you may win a download and some other goodies. Ask your own questions or just chat. Be sure to leave a comment, then check back in later. I'll be popping in as often as I can with my Author, Hywela Lyn to make sure Dionysus has laid on enough wine and Ares and Hades aren't turning the grill into Hellsfire! *Grin*

Terpsichore, Muse Of Dance