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22 January 2009


Oh dear, it's a long time since I updated my Blog - so much for New Year Resolutions. Anyway, the dreaded cold lurgy seems to have subsided and I'm feeling much more like my old self now. I'm starting work on my new story for 'The Song Of The Muses'. She's off on new adventures and will be bringing two love lorn souls together! Thinking of that made me think of new beginnings.

Soon the first snowdrops will be pushing their way up out of the cold earth, to brighten our days and promise us that spring is on its way. A new season will soon be here. The snowdrop is one of my favourite flowers. It is so sweet and simple, so small and delicate; yet it defies the snow and chill of The first few months of the year to stand, meekly hanging its pure and pretty head. But there is a strength about it, despite its humility, as it withstands the chill winds and the frost, leading the way for the other spring flowers to follow. There is a lovely legend about the snowdrop, which in some parts is known as 'Eve's tears'. The legend says that when Adam and Eve were cast out of The Garden, Eve wept, and as her tears fell to the earth, they turned into a delicate white flower, which is now the first to appear in the springtime, a promise of the summer to come.

Tuesday saw another new beginning as a new President of the United States of America was sworn in. I watched on television as did millions of people all around the world. President Obama is not only the most powerful figure in the United States, but in the world. He made reference to this in his speech and gave every indication that this is the dawn of a new era. A new year, a new American President,

New Beginnings.