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14 November 2008

It's Here!

My dog went crazy when the delivery van pulled up ouside our home. The delivery man walked up the path, eyeing our loving but excitable little dog warily. He handed me a box - a big box. Guess what was inside......YES!

They've arrived. Crisp and fresh from the printers, the actual paperback copies of Starquest! It's impossible to express how I felt holding the actual BOOK in my hands! My very first novel, in print! Yes I was absolutely thrilled to get the print copies of the Muse series. but this is just me, mine, my novel!

I have to admit I hadn't expected them to arrive so quickly. The offiicial print date isn't until the 5th December - but if you want you can reserve your copy now by dropping me a line at Hywelalyn@hywelalyn.co.uk and I'll throw in a free bookmark and for the first five - a special Starquest pen. I only had a few made.

Right now I've calmed down a bit, so I'll go away and celebrate - with chocolate!