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11 November 2008

Can't wait ....

Well - 'Dancing With Fate' didn't win the best book at LASR (but it came a close second). I just want to say a big 'Thank You' to everyone who voted for it.

Congratulaions to Carla Rossi, with her book 'Limited Light' I'm not too disappointed as Carla Rossi is another Wild Rose Press author so it's all in the 'family'.

I'm really excited because I've just ordered the paperback copies of 'Starquest' ready for the print release on 5th December. The download will still be available fromThe Wild Rose Press of course, but if you like the feel of paper, you'll soon be able to get the paperback from Amazon, and if you'd like an autographed copy, you can request one on the Bookstore' page of my website http://www.hywelalyn.com/
I can't wait to hold 'the book of my heart' in my hand.

The anthology 'Song Of The Muses Book II containing 'Dancing With Fate' and two other wondeful stories 'The Brightest Heaven and 'Erato's Tears' are is also in print and available from my website bookstore, as well as Amazon, and Books I comprising 'Ancient Musings', Highland Muse' and 'Destiny's Light' and Book III containing 'A Love Beyond Time', 'No Funny Stuff' and 'Victory At Lugh' are all available from Amazon. The three together will make a unique and fascinating addition to any book collection.