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21 October 2008

The Song Of The Muses, Book II is now available,

Well, it's Autumn again - or 'fall' as my American friends would say. So much more descriptive really - although I suppose 'autumn' does conjure up pictures of the beautiful colours of this season. There's certainly a nip in the air, but we're having some beautiful sunny days, perhaps to make up for our miserable sumer!

Exciting news - this morning I received a parcel full of books - The Song Of The Muses, Book II is now available. This is the one with my story 'Dancing with Fate. It's available from Amazon or if you're in the UK you can buy a copy (autographed if you wish) from my website

So exciting to hold it in my hands, the three volumes are going to look great on my bookshelf! Can't wait for Starquest to be available in print now!