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12 September 2008


The final story in 'The Song Of The Muses' was released today.
The Victory Of Lugh by Valerie Everhardt.

Hymnia, the muse of glorious praise, in an unusual display of arrogance is thrust through time to the dark ages of Ireland. She encounters Dacien, the Laird of Castle Lugh, a rogue dragon who seems anything but god-like. She uncovers the mystery of the disappearing women of his castle but looses her heart to the very person she suspects of doing the killing, in THE VICTORY OF LUGH.

You'll want to read this unusual story about the Greek Muse Polyhymnia, which completes the set of nine stories. The print releases are scheduled for Octoebr - and you'll have three, not one stories to each book - is that a bargain, or what!

To go to a link to Purchase 'The Victory of Lugh' and to read more details, click on the title to this post.

My muse story,'Dancing With Fate', the story of Terpsichore, Muse of Dance, has been in the top ten of the Faery Rose line since it was released. It's currently lying second. Don't forget you can see a video HERE.