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10 July 2008


I was thrilled to be told I'm the 'appreciated author' today on the lovely Sky Purington's Blog.

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Sky said some very nice things about me (blush) and I would like to return the compliment by saying she is one of the sweetest and most talented writers I know. The lovely thing about writing is the friends one makes, and even though I've never met Sky or Miss Mae or Skhye, Liana, Alisha or any other of my lovely author friends ... the list is a long one ... I am very grateful for their friendship and support.

Anyway, pop along to ~Sky's blog, read the 'Blurb' of Starquest which she's posted and you could win a prize if you can answer the question she's set. (hint - the answer's in the blurb!)
Oh and tthe picture is the brand new cover of Sky's third book in the Mac'Lomain Trilogy, 'Sylvan's Mist' and if you like misty mediaeval Scottish settings, time travel and hunky Scots Chieftains in kilts - this is the book for you!