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1 June 2008

Time, anomalies and the present

June the 1st! The year's half over - where does the Time go? It's nearly a week since I last updated this blog, and that's hard to believe too. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to slow down time - or even go back. I must admit there are some periods in my life which I would much prefer not to have to relive, but there are also some which I would love to stay in, for ever. Of course that would mean eternal youth as well - hmm not such a bad idea. Or is it? If one could stay in a favourite part of one's life, would one stay young, or get older as the world around remained the same? That's why I don't write time travel stories. Too many variables. I enjoy reading TT stories though, and very much admire those who can make them seem feasible.

Of course the starship in my forthcoming novel 'Starquest' does have a 'Time Dilation Stabiliser' which alters time for the crew every time the ship exceeds the speed of light, to counteract the anomaly whereby FTL travel would pass very quickly for the crew but when they returned to their home planet they would find all their family and friends had died long ago. It's a simple device to enable them to travel to distant stars and planets as quickly and easily as crossing continents on Earth. that's something we SF/Fantasy writers can get away with, provided we try to make it all sound logical. As Isaac Asimov said once 'Explain what it does, but don't try to explain how it does it!' Anyway, all this brings me back to what's happening in my writing world at this precise moment.

1. Starquest: Just waiting for the final galleys to approve - and then - next stop release date!
Watch this Space.

2. Dancing With fate: Edits back with my editor.

3. Children Of The Mist: Awaiting edits

I also have a short story under consideration for The Wild Rose Press 'Freereads' scheme

Apart from that I just have to get a plot sorted out for my proposed final novel in the 'Starquest series' as I'm now beginning to think of it!

All I need is time...