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10 June 2008


Hello there
I'm Terpsichore - muse of dance. My pet author Hywela Lyn has kindly let me have the run of her blog for a while so that I can tell you about an exciting competition which I'm involved in with my eight sisters. (I think Lyn has already mentioned this in an earlier post, but I'm going to do it properly.)

We are all having our stories told by nine different authors, in an anthology entitled 'Song Of The Muses'. To celebrate the release of each one as it appears, each muse and her author will take it in turn to host an exciting contest.

The first story to be released is that of Calliope. Oh the things she went through in the name of love! Anyway, why not treat yourself and read her fantastic tale, told by her author Skhye Moncrief. It's entitled 'Ancient Musings' and is obtainable from The Wild Rose Press you'll love it, I know you will. Don't take my word for it, here's what just one of her reiewers has to say:
"He of the Fiery Sword, by author Skhye Moncrief, is a historical tale splashed with fantasy, and a thought-provoking storyline. This tale is historically accurate and written in vivid detail. For anyone looking for a new spin on a beloved tale, for anyone loving history and fantasy mixed together, then this is the book for you." ~Highland Lassie;

Competition? Ah yes, the competition. Just go to Calliope's 'My Space' and check out her Blog. There you'll find what you have to look for and a link to 'The Song Of The Muses' My Space. All the covers for the books my sisters and I have coming out in this series are there and if you click on each one it will take you to that particular muse's page (The deadline for Calliope's contest has been extended because there were a few issues with finding some of the answers. It's all been simplified now.

I do hope you will enter - if you have any problems, or get lost, just come back here and either Lyn or myself will try to help.

Good luck - may the muses guide you.